Love, Huck (part 1)

Hi, I'm Huck. Otherwise known as:
Huckles - Chuckles
and Little Man

I don't mind all the names mom calls me --because she gives me treats.
And sometimes hotdogs.

Apparently, I have a grandma. I don't know what that is. But mom says she likes to hear stories about me, so I thought I'd tell grandma a thing or two about me myself...

So hey Grandma, I'm your grandpup. And I'm really strong.  So strong that I can pull a boat.
King of the boat.
 Well, I can't pull it very far because I'm still a kid, ya know? Mom calls me a baby. I'm not a baby. I just get tired sometimes and have to rest. 
 Oh, and grandma, I really like to chew rope. So if you have any extra laying around your doghouse you can send it over here. 
 And when you come to see me in June. You should bring me hotdogs.
Just a suggestion...
I hope you like me. Mom says you will. 
I'll write again soon.


PS. Don't forget the hotdogs.


Tyah Ferguson said...

Haha!!! Oh my goodness this is flipping adorable!!! "Mom feeds me treats... and sometimes hotdogs." LOVED THAT!!!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, that second photo is just toooo cute! :)

Rustic Living said...

I'm seriously in love with Huckleberry! great post Danielle :)

Joey said...

This is so adorable!! Huckleberry is a sweetie!!

Anonymous said...

haha....that second picture is so funny. I'm not sure I want my luggage smelling like hotdogs but there will be dog treats in it.

Love, Grandma

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Hahaha! Now I'm laughing at your funny post AND "Grandma's" comment above me. :)

Sasha is my canine garbage disposal. She likes anything we give her (and things we don't).

Sweet, Huck. So lovable. :)

Mrs Independent said...

LOL! I love this. My Mom loves hearing stories about my pups too.