My Week (pt. 2)

This past week...

1. I became sad...over wedding-ish things. And then I promptly got over it.
2. I really, really enjoyed hot yoga. I mean really enjoyed it for the first time.  
3. I went to bed early every. single. night. It was awesome.
4. I vacuumed my carpets and giggled endlessly while Huck tried to protect me from the vacuum cleaner. I'm pretty sure he thinks it's going to hurt me. He goes crazy barking at it and then pulls on my clothing and licks my hands with a concerned look on his face. So stinkin' cute!
5. I looked at homes online and thought about mine and Steven's future together. 
6. I made a lot of lists.
7. I learned that although money can't buy you happiness, it can buy you grocery --and that's basically the same thing.
8. I tried to take lots of pictures...and failed. 
9. I looked up recipes and got lots and lots of cooking ideas! Can't wait to state slaving away over the stove. But I do need those groceries first.
10. I did take this picture of Huck's crazy wet paw prints. He went swimming. {for the first time ever}
I hope you have a lovely weekend! :)


Tyah Ferguson said...

Love his wet paw prints! Hurley is not sure he is a fan of the vacuum either! too funny!

Nicole said...

I love going to bed early and looking up new recipes. Love the wet paw prints! Too cute. Have a great weekend!

Lauren said...

um I am obsessed with your blog! prolly because I am sucker for puppy faces and huck is adorbs.
I am over at pinkonthecheek.com if you ever get a chance!
I am a dog mommy to mochi!!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

I love your posts. Each and every time. :)

Huck & the vacuum: Ha! What a sweet boy. When Sasha was "little" (I say "little" loosely b/c she was already almost 14 lbs at 8 wks when we brought her home) I would carry her around while I vacuumed so she would get used to it. She pretty much leaves it alone these days, but sometimes when she's in super-play mode, she likes to pounce around it and try to eat it. I love that Huck tries to protect you. He's funny. :)

Huck & the paw prints: Adorable! Looks like it was a "take your Golden swimming for the first time" kind of week. Uh....yeah. Sasha went swimming. More on that to come. It was...interesting...and funny....and painful....and expensive.

Have a great wknd, Danielle!

Jennifer Leible said...

My chihuahua is terrified of our vacuum and runs away...our lawn mower however, he feels he can concur and literally tries to bite it as it's on and running. I think he has his fears a little mixed up! :)

Tan said...

I get sad too whenever I think of all the things I have to do for our wedding when instead I'm perusing on the internets! Bad Tanya...

sarah@totalbassetcase.com said...

Love those wet prints! It's amazing how much water those doggies bodies can hold!