Wedding Update

I know I haven't talked about wedding planning much on this blog. Mostly because the planning process has been more stressful than I anticipated, but also because I don't really know what to do next planning wise. Since my mom and all of my bridesmaids live 3,000 miles away, I feel pretty alone and rather lost when it comes to the ins-and-outs of wedding preparation. I have a lot of idea, it's a matter of putting those ideas into motion I'm struggling with. 

So, I thought I'd open the doors to you for advice, encouragement, and possibly some DIY ideas and how to's :)

Here's what I have so far. Steven and I are getting married on November 10th in this barn. (You can see more photos of the barn/grounds in this post.) One of the best parts about this facility --other than the fact that it is absolutely gorgeous if I do say so myself :) --is that they provide all the food (at an extremely reasonable price!). Meaning a huge burden is lifted off my shoulders since I won't have to arrange the catering. P.S. All the food is organic and taken from their own gardens at the farm or purchased from local shops and farmers markets on the island. Also, I already have my wedding dress and veil {curtesy of indecisive brides who buy 2 or more dresses and then have to sell their unworn dresses ridiculously cheap on Craigslist --I love you}.

My mom's a superstar and made these tags for our wedding favors, which are going to be muslin or burlap bags filled with coffee beans. (Sorry about the photo quality --sent via cell phone.)
And we plan on doing a lot more DIY type decor for the wedding. Such as boutonnieres similar to this one. 
Because the wedding is in a barn, the feel I'm going for is rustic chic. My centerpieces are going to be an eclectic mixture of books, mason jars, and other miscellaneous mismatched jars, and dainty, simple flowers. The table numbers will be spelled out in Scrabble pieces. 

To view my other wedding inspirations check out my Pinterest wedding board here

Some things that I would love advice on are invitations (Should I try to make them myself? That seems like a HUGE ordeal. So, if not, what stores/websites would you suggest? And since my guest have to take a ferry to the wedding, does anyone know of a website where I could get a map drawn of the island to be sent with the invitations?), flowers (does anyone have advice or know how on making your own bouquets for the wedding party?), save the dates (they are an extra expense --is it necessary to send one to every guest invited? Would it be okay just to send it to those who may not be as much in the loop concerning the wedding details?). 

I know I have a lot more questions and concerns about the planning, but this is a good start. I think writing this all out was helpful in a way too. I now feel like I have more accomplished than I originally thought! Which is nice, really nice. Still, any thoughts would be much appreciated.

What was the best advice you received during your wedding planning? Or the worst? 


jessica lynn said...

love your bout. idea - those are super cute!

i would HIGHLY suggest not attempting to DIY your invites. they will be a PAIN and take more time than you think. perhaps check out some designers on etsy?

Amira said...

The venue and the dress are the most important and you've got that covered! So take a deep breath! The tags your mom made are ABSOLUTELY adorable, I love the whole idea!

Making the invitations is a pretty big feat, but it wouldn't be impossible. Especially if you and a group of girls locked yourselves in the room for the night and got to crafting :-) I used a lady on Etsy because I wanted that handmade crafted look, but didn't have the time or patience to make them myself! Her whole shop is vintage chic :-) She made my save the dates also. Her stuff is gorgeous!

Kayla @ Keepin' Up With the Klaassens said...

I made my invitations myself but it took me awhile to come up with the perfect design. Once it was designed it took no time! And you can make a map using weddingmapper.com or look on etsy to have someone do it for you!

Cara said...

I live in Seattle too and a friend of a friend got all of her flowers for her wedding last summer from the market (I believe that you can order them too if you need a lot of them). They are mostly from Woodinville and they are CHEAP and beautiful. :)

brittany.kuhn said...

Our styles are very similar. Lucky you though for having a barn to get married in and already have your dress. Although my wedding isn't until next year so I am okay for now. I have been collecting blue mason jars and some other things along the rustic line.
I was going to make my own invites too and still might. I have made them before for friend's weddings or parties but it is so much work and I will be so picky about my own it might throw me over the edge. I am looking at ordering mine from Renaissance Writings. They have some really cute ones on their website (: Check out my pinterest wedding board for ideas that are similar to yours...I am following yours now too (:

Erica said...

I saw this free wedding printable page on pinterest today and thought of you! http://www.weddingchicks.com/freebies/invitation-suites/

I don't know if it's what you are looking for, but worth checking out. Also, Kalie made the bouquets for her wedding (the night before I think) with her sisters... (her's were really simple white roses)... maybe she could be of some help?

I am so excited that you guys asked Matt to officiate the wedding! That makes it really special.

oh and the favor tags your mom made are cute! What a great favor idea... I think i voted for that one way back when =)

Hollie Ann said...

I hear etsy has really cute custom invitations! Or ask Anna at and everything nice. She designs them!!

I love the boutounniere (spelling!!) you posted!! It's adorable.

Kimberly said...

I love the tags your mother made...and the coffee idea is so great. My daughter did invitations via Shutterfly.com She also did save the dates with this as well.
You wedding looks like it will be so very lovely.