Weekend Recap.

This weekend it was sunny.
Like there was not a single cloud in the sky sunny!
Yes, I still live in Seattle.
Good weather means good food coupled with good friends.
We grilled out thrice.
Yep, thrice.
We also went out to eat twice.
Twice. In one weekend. Because we're on a diet.

Welcome to Gloria's! Another hole-in-the-wall diner (we tend to frequent those) with amazing breakfast and ridiculous portions.
 Steven's egg benedict.
 Veggie omelete. Let's get a closer look at this big boy.
I can't say it enough, ridiculous.

This weekend we also started on our wedding invitations and purchased our wedding bands!
I cannot wait until I can wear mine. 
So. Stinkin'. Perfect. 
I love it.

Happy Monday, stalkers!


Laura said...

Look at those portions! I need to find a restaurant like that cause the worst feeling ever is paying 14 Euro for a pasta dish and feeling hungry afterwards! Sounds like a great weekend for food!

Diana said...

Gloria's is one of our favs too! Plus it is nice because we have friends that live down the block so we can always have an excuse to visit!

Victoria said...

It was a perfect weekend! Cooking out is definitely the best way to enjoy days like these. I just keep thinking, "Summer is coming!" I am happier just thinking about it.

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I love eggs. I love omelets period. This looks delish!

Rachel said...

Mmm, I love going out for breakfast, especially to little diners that that one. Congrats on buying the bands!

cynthia said...

Mmmmmm, diners rock and eggs benedict is my FAVE! Sounds like a delicious weeekend! :)

Anonymous said...

all of that food looks ridiculously amazing.

Mish Lovin' Life said...

Mmmm....drooling.....that food looks uber delish. Yes, I said uber.

Cara said...

you and your food posts! looks amazing.

Hollie Ann said...

your breakfast is killing me right now smalls!!!

looks delicious!

Kristine said...

Just found your blog! Glad to meet another Seattle-ite! I see you're a "newbs"... hope you love it here!