Instagram Hates Me

I don't have an iPhone. I know, I'm pathetic. But I'm 23 and still on mom and pops cell phone plan --I'm not going to say anything until they say anything. You know what I mean?
Holla at me if you're over 21 and your parents still pay your cell phone bill!
I know, again, I'm pathetic.

And even though Instagram is now available to android phone users, I simply cannot figure it out. It keeps saying it's incompatible with my phone! WHYYYY?????
So, what in the world do I do with all my cell phone pictures? Like this itty, bitty baybay frog I found.
He wanted some blog action too.
And I know it's imperative that all my followers know about the unfortunate event that resulted in this scar.
I was walking to my car. I really wish I had a better story than that one...
Or this photo of my manly 5 year old haircut.
All very, very important photographs that are stuck on my phone with no hope of getting to Instagram. 
So sad.

Does anyone know why my Android phone isn't compatible with Instagram??? 


poptartyogini said...

My sister is 29 and still on my parent's cell plan. She's married and a homeowner and well, frugal. I'm not sure about instagram on androids. Sorry about you're owie.

poptartyogini said...

I'm also sorry about my unfortunate misuse of you're.

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Most importantly, (sorry, Danielle), I have to laugh at poptartyogini's comment. I correct myself, too. And also have a mild aversion for the incorrect use of that word. Hey, I know it happens by accident. It's the ones who don't KNOW the diff that I get annoyed at. Haha.

Moving right along...girl, if my parents would pay for my cell phone that would be peachy. Alas, they do not. I have to be a responsible, married adult. At least I get to write it off for business. Perks of owning a biz, yes? But, I say: milk it, Danielle, milk it. (Uh, they don't read your blog do they? Lol.)

Your knee...made my stomach turn. Thank you.

Your hair cut, however, made me laugh. Thank you.

As for seƱor frog, I used to catch those guys when I was a kid. (Lived on a lake.) Now...I don't. Ewe. You are stronger than I.

Can't help about the Android thingy. I speak apple. Sorry. :(

Bev D said...

Danielle!!!!! I totally remember that scar......makes me laugh! sorry....u know how I am with falls....cannot help but laugh......:P I love you though!
I love love love that baby frog!!!! :) Im glad u saw it and didnt squish it when passing by! :)
And oh my with ur hair! wow.......still a cute girl though! :)
Oh how i miss you is all i can say! :)

Mrs Independent said...

I totally had the boycut at 5 as well. I was trying to be "just like my Mom" who had short hair. FAIL. I think it was the early 90's influencing us....I hope.


Zara said...

Hubs and I just joined my parents cell phone plan. It saves us about a 100$ a month and doesn't cost my parents extra. It's a win-win.

PS... my old android did not want to play nice with instragram either, try to see if you can update the softwear on it. :-)