Because Sometimes Happiness Is Found Within A Not-So-Happy Ending

Dear Edgar Allen Poe, although I am usually not a fan of any American author/poet, you have pleasantly surprised me. I enjoy your dark humor and irony, but, more so, I enjoy that I have yet to read a poem or tale with a happy ending.

In a strange, morbid way, I find that refreshing.

But just in case I do become afraid while turning through your pages that are brimming with psychological intensity and depth, I made sure to use the book mark my mother gave me.
Because it too brings me much amusement.

Lunch break is over, time to put you away and resume editing and formatting boring black text that truly does not do a thing for my soul. 

p.s. You'd be mortified if you had to read what I do everyday. 


Callie @ YouDontEvenKnow said...

Is it sad that in this post the first thing I say to myself "Ooooh! I glimpse at her ring!" haha It's beautiful!

Karla said...

haha^^ is right that is a beautiful ring!Btw I love the book mark..

Laura said...

This is wonderful...and how ever refreshing a morbid ending can be, for some reason they complete depress me and sometimes I can really have a terrible cry over a bad ending, thinking, "they owe it to us to make it end right." hehehe

Cara said...

Yeah your ring is gorgeousssssss

I agree. It is refreshing to come home and not read tech jargon and remember again why you like to read :)

Kimberly said...

I love that you use that uplifting bookmark. I haven't read Edgar Allen Poe since high school. But his stories are so memorable.