Friday Letters

Dear Wardrobe - I love you but it is time we turn ourselves in to true Washingtonians (?) We must add more rain boots, rain coats, and other waterproof gear to accomplish this transition. All these short dresses and open toed shoes are making me cold.

Dear Wedding Planning - Who would have thought you'd be so full of surprises. Stop it.

Dear Bevita - I am so glad you are now officially following my blog :) I saw your little profile photo today and thought it was cute. You're a good friend. I love you!

Dear Break Room Coffee - Why are you so gross? Like seriously, I didn't know it was possible for the nectar of life to taste so! What am I doing wrong here...I have a college degree, I should be able to brew a cup of coffee.

Dear Mom and Dad - Thank you for supporting me. You both have been so amazing this past year (well, and the other 22 years before this). I couldn't have been blessed with better parents and I am so thankful for each of you.

Dear Steven - Playing darts is dumb. But you are still cute ;)


Tyah Ferguson said...

Fun letters! I swear I was drinking chest- hair-growin coffee until my last year of coffee when someone actually taught me how to make it taste better than the dirt I was drinking! haha! Happy Friday!

KerryRose said...

I love this! {Especially the one to your mom & dad} Have a great weekend :)

Roxy said...

O.K. I think this requires a post on how you brew your coffee so that we can see what (if at all) you are doing wrong and maybe send tips your way. :*

P.S. my baby is turning two today, I know you will understand :)


Maneet Jassal Gupta said...

Oh my god! Tell me about becoming true washingtonians! I had to overhaul my closet from all the indian-ness and adding rain gear sure dint come easy!