Friday Letters

Dear Huckleberry - I teared up when I dropped you off at the vet today. I'm so sorry we have to get you fixed. Dad and I just can't afford to pay puppy support right now. I was sad though and kept thinking about how cute you are when you sleep on your back with one leg straight up in the air. I promise I will try my hardest not to take tooo many pictures of you this evening wearing the cone of shame.

Dear proposal - Words cannot express how happy I am that you are complete! But you taught me a lot --like sleep is probably my number 3 favorite thing and the Oxford comma really does make so much sense.

Dear Nordstrom Rack - I don't like you. There! I said it! You are so disorganized. Every time I walk in I can't concentrate on shopping because I'm too busy putting all the misplaced clothes on the right racks. Smalls go on the SMALL rack - Mediums on MEDUIM - Jeans and Designer Sweaters SHOULD NOT be group together underneath a sign that says Active Wear. Seriously, it's exhausting.

Dear Redbox - Why don't you carry the third Twilight movie. The fiance is actually willing to watch it with me and you don't have it within a 30 mi radius. How rude.

Dear Weekend - So, so glad you're here.


Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Poor Huck. He won't know what hit him. Sasha wore her cone of shame in December...in which 8 days later she had to wear it again after yet another [emergency] surgery to remove her harness from her insides. (Remember that?) We're still paying on that one.

Huck will forgive you. He's a Golden: born to wuv.

You hang up and reorganize clothes in stores like I do? I thought I was the only weird one, I mean, one with decency. (I used to work in The GAP. It's in my blood.)

Two cheers for the weekend. ;)

Tyah Ferguson said...

Hahah oh cute Mr Huckleberry! That photo is precious!! I swear the positions these Goldens sleep in crack me up!!! Too cute! And poor momma and Huck! Puppy support would be pretty pricey too though! Happy weekend and a speedy recovery!!

Cara said...

Awe poor little man! He will be alright. What a funny photo of him!

Have a great weekend!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I know how Huck feels and I know our Libby Lou needs to have a hysterectomy and this summer is her time. Our chocolate lab when she was alive had 10 puppies and luckily they all got great homes, but I can't handle the mating process. It's awful. Have a great weekend.

A Spinster's Guide to Dating said...

Laughed out loud at Dear Nordstrom Rack. SO true. Love your blog.

Kimberly said...

I agree with you about Nordstrom Rack. Disappointing.

Catherine said...

Oh my goodness. Your puppy is the cutest!!!

Cute blog!

Catherine (your newest follower)
FEST (food, style & travel)

Lindsey Anne | pinklet and c said...

Hi! New follower from Follow Friday. I love you blog so far. What an adorable puppy! Glad I found this site, can't wait to follow along!

Kate said...

I totally understand your pain with getting your puppy fixed. I hated going through that. Luckily our vet said the cone wasn't necessary. Good luck keeping him calm though... our golden pulled out her stitches twice and we made impromptu visits to the vet each time for staples. She didn't know how to be calm. :)

And I completely agree about Nordstrom Rack... it's so disorganized I get stressed out and have to give up.

Callie @ YouDontEvenKnow said...

How is Huck doing?? McCoy goes in on Wednesday for his "operation". I just keep trying to remind myself it's not as invasive as if her were a girl dog. Email when you have an update :)