Spring Peek-a-Boo

All weekend through yesterday evening my hands were tied up at work. Sorry for the lack of blog posts. But  it is necessary to live life in order to narrate it. Due to the extra hours spent at work to complete this proposal, the boss man said I could take the day off. I didn't argue. Obviously.

And what a beautiful day it is to be at home and not at the office! No, there is no sunshine, but there also is NO rain. Which makes today a B+ in my book. It's funny how my definition of a "gloomy day" has changed since moving here. Dark days are no longer gloomy --it must be dark and rainy.  I do fear that people may start mistaking me for a vampire soon though. It's time to invest in some good tanning lotion.

Even the flowers were inspired by the beautiful day and decided to come out for a visit. I had to take a few snapshots just so they knew their efforts were not in vain.
And right now wouldn't you know that the sun is trying to come out! I'd like to think that even if only for today, perhaps, it's rays are just for me.
Hope you have a beautiful, bright, happy day!


Cara said...

Yeah hopefully it will actually be sunny this weekend like the weather report says.

Diana said...

Too bad boss man did not come up to you Monday, when it was a whomping 62 and the best looking day we have had here! Hopefully there will be a repeat this weekend! Loving the flowers!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Shine on, big sun. Shine on. ("I think I can I think I can.")

I love Spring. My crepe myrtles, which apparently, miraculously, I did not kill while trimming, are looking beautiful. I'm ready to take pics of flowers! Waiting...waiting...

And YAY for a day off. Enjoy!

Mrs Independent said...

This post makes me even more (is that possible?) excited to move to the Seattle area. I promise to share my self tanner :)