All Work and No Play Makes Dani a Grumpy (fat) Girl

Since last Friday I've worked 33 hours of overtime.
And I know I'll be staying late tonight too.
It's kind of exciting.
(The proposal I'm working on is potentially worth billions.)
If we win.
I'm not kidding you.
But more than exciting, it is draining. 
I'm definitely sleep deprived,
slightly cranky,
and I'm quite certain spending this much time staring at a computer screen is detrimental to my health.

The perk of it all?
Me and the 3 guys working on this proposal with me get to expense all our meals on the company card.
Wait, let me type that again in case you didn't get it.
Me and the 3 guys working on this propel with me get to expense all our meals on the company card.

{insert sign of contentment}

So far, we've devoured the cheesecake factory.
A teriyaki restaurant down the street.
A swanky favorite called Joey's.
Olive Garden.
And today, well..the possibilities are endless.

I like to eat.
Especially when the food is free.

Let's hope I don't (a) die of a food coma, (b) completely loose my mind and punch the computer screen, (c) punch one of my co-workers in the face because they look more well rested than me.

It's Monday, folks. Monday.


Elle said...

Haha...good luck on the proposal...and not dying of a food coma! :) Reading your list of restaurants is making me VERY hungry! Cheesecake factory is one of my FAVORITES!

poptartyogini said...

Best of luck with your proposal and promise me you have something fabulous planned with all your overtime. Vacation? Spa? Shopping? Hopefully not for a defense attorney as a result of punching someone in the face!!

Anonymous said...

All meals on the company card? How awesome is that? :p Good luck with your proposal girl. You guys got this! :)

Amira said...

oooooo what do you do for a living? Sounds so fancy :-)

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Hey, a girls gotta eat right?

Kimberly said...

Your proposal sounds very exciting.
Thanks for the Button Swap. :)

Cara said...

Joey's fish tacos... aaammmmaazzziiinnngggg

Katherine Krieg said...

totally totally know how the free food from the office goes - its awesome, but also tough in that youre at the office!! good luck with the proposal! so glad to have discovered your blog!!

Brittanie said...

Ha this is amazing! I could definitely go for free food right about now. Good luck on your proposal!

Allie Todd said...

My parents came to visit me on the weekend, and both friday and saturday night took my boyfriend and I out to fancy restaurants and I stuffed my face.

I'm talking apps, main course, and a giant dessert.

So good. So so good.

So now I've been daydreaming about food all week long. I wish it was like that everyday!

Enjoy your food coma :)

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Yet another fabulously funny, sarcastic post. And it's about food...which makes it perfect.

Hope all goes well with your hard work!!!