Happy Birthday, Bevita!!!

Today is a very, very special day! BECAUSE....it is Bevita's Birthday! For those of you who don't know her, Bevita (real name is Beverly) is one of my best friends from college. I lived with her these last 3 years before I moved out to Washington. Bevita and I have started a little tradition on her birthday, I write her the corniest (spelling?), cheesiest (hmm?), silliest birthday poem I can think of. Since I am no where near her to deliver the poem this year, I've decided to post it on here so that she, and all my lovely followers, can witness me keeping this tradition alive! 

Please, no judgement on my poetry. Yes, I am an English Grad, but this poem is simply written to make Bevita smile and laugh out loud. So, with no further ado, here is my spectacular birthday poem.

I know a girl named Bevita,
I know her quite well,
and because it's her birthday
there's a story I must tell.

A story about friendship,
kindness, and love.
A story showing everyone that
Bevita's a gift from above.

I meet her in class
During my Freshman year.
And all one feels starting college
is anxiety and fear.

But right from the start,
Bevita never left my side,
and those four years of college
quickly flew on by.

Bevita is funny!
Oh, the laughs that we've had!
She is patient and understanding,
and never gets mad.

She helped me trust in God,
each moment of every day.
She reminded me that his love
will never go away.

It makes me sad to think
that Bevita is no longer near.
But her friendship I always
will hold very dear.

Our times together are forever
seared upon my heart,
and hopefully one day
we won't be so far a part!

But in the meantime, Bevita, my wish for you
is that you'll have an AWESOME birthday,
Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years too!!!

Te amo Bevita!

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