Happiness and Sadness

To all of my friends who read this, Thank you.
To hear from you and know you are following my blog is encouraging.
You keep reading, I'll keep writing.
I love to share my life with you.
Because I love you.
You make me happy. 

But today is sad. I have had a bit of a scare concerning Huckleberry.
Steven had to rush him to the vet this morning.
 Vomiting, Diarrhea, Listlessness, Loss of appetite.
All very un-puppy-like behaviors.
Scared the POO out of me.
I love Huck. Very, very much.

His incident got me thinking about how HUGE of a responsibility it is to raise a child.
Yes, I know Huck is just a puppy. Not a human being.
But the anxiety and worry I experienced today over this little ball of fur makes me wonder.
When I have children, how in the world am I going to keep my cool in high stress moments.
When they are sick, when they are sad, when they are disappointed.
I tend to freak out. About pretty much everything.
And I feel things...heavily.
When I am happy, I'm jubilant.
When I am sad, I'm borderline clinically depressed. 
Slight exaggeration? I hope so. 
I let how I feel at the moment overwhelm me.

I hope I make a great mom someday. 
And I hope Huck has a speedy and complete recovery.
I hope I can learn to..
Wait for it, I'm about to drop a cliche..
Let go and let God.
But mostly, I hope you are still reading this :)
Or did I lose you at diarrhea?

(Steven will make a great daddy. That's something I have never wondered. Always known.)

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Tyah Ferguson said...

Aww this is such a sweet post! I love the way you write! Very descriptive, definitely kept me reading... past the diarrhea part... haha!!