My Gentle, Ginormous Giant

This weekend Steven and I made a Home Depot run where we saw a man with 2 Golden Retrievers. I thought his dogs were around 7 months old. Just adorable little puppies!  I asked if I could pet them, and while they were smothering me with kisses I asked how old they were. 3 years old, he said. 
People always comment on how big Huckleberry is for a Golden. Sure, he's kinda tall and can easily rest his head on our countertops ...and at the vet I see the chart that says an average male Golden should weigh about 75lbs., but I shield Huckleberry's eyes from it because I don't want him to think he's overweight at 88lbs.

But seeing those other Goldens really put Huck's size in perspective for me. He is HUGE for a Golden... Like so huge I'm now convinced there is no way he is 100% Golden Retriever. He is simply just too big.

He's my gentle, ginormous giant with accident prone, awkward legs, floppy eyes, expressive eyes, and snow nose. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Goodness my dog is cute.


Cara said...

I know what you are talking about... Bosley is 85 pounds and the breeder said that he would be between 60-70 pounds. Yeah right. My parents' Golden is 95 pounds, so it could always be worse :)

Ashley said...

Lily at a healthy weight was 95, granted she is over weight now, our goal is get her back to 95. Gracie is roughly 85 I think.

Morgan Rae said...

He is adorable for sure! I adopted a "shih-tzu" from a breeder four years ago. He was supposed to weigh 6 lbs at most. He know weighs 16 lbs and doesn't look anything like a shih-tzu. I may have gotten ripped off from the breeder, but I love that chunky mutt more than words! They quickly become a part of your family.

Alexa said...

Oh happy day, Huck's going to be getting snow nose again soon!!! Even though I agree with you that I'm a bit partial to his coal black nose, snow nose is just the cutest little quirk I ever did see.

Huck, don't let the world get ya down about your weight. You're just a big ol' stud! ;)

Kenzie S said...

I know what you mean!! They say that male labs are usually up to 75 pounds and 24 inches tall, our lab is a little over 80 pounds and is 25 inches tall.

That is too funny you thought the guy's golden retrievers were puppies!

Jess Bourne said...

My golden was close to 100lb and he wasn't chunky just big. No shame just more dog to love :)

Rosalyn McConnell said...

I know a Golden that was 100 lbs by the time he was 1 year old. He was just a tall guy and one of the sweetest dogs ever. He was 100% Golden Retriever and I bet Huck is too :)

Beth W said...

There's such a variance in the breed! My last golden was delicate, though tall, and weighed in at about 70 lbs most of her adult life. But of her 7 litter-mates, two of her brothers were more Huck's size. Personally, I like the big romping goldens best....keep those great Huck pics coming! :D