Life's little moments as captured on my iPhone.
1| Huck coming home from daycare in another festive scarf...his holiday scarf collection has really taken off!
2| Huckster after deciding a spa day was in order. He loves his mud baths.
3| Coming home from work to find new Hunter boots curtesy of my husband.
New shoes...that man knows the way to my heart. 
 4| Paleo brownies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream all covered in homemade ganache. Yes, please!
5| A lovely surprise from our neighbors. Steven and I have been borrowing a kitchen table from his parents ever since we moved in that kind of drove me crazy, but our gracious neighbors recently gave us this lovely counter height kitchen table...for FREE!! We feel so blessed! 
Bye, bye ugly table and hello gorgeous!!

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Celeste said...

Score on the free table! We're using my mom's at the moment, and I'm dying to get one that's more our style. Also, super jealous of the boots!

Sidney said...

This is a great series idea - I haven't been blogging in a long time so I've missed posts like these. That table set looks SO comfortable. I'm a bit jealous because my chairs aren't nearly as cozy as those!

Brittany Fry said...

You are WINNING in all of the above!! Love that table and Huck looks so cute in his scarf!!!

Lauren said...

WOW! Score on the new kitchen table, that's awesome!!

Pamela said...

Huck is adorable!! Love the table So sweet!

Namrata said...

I love that holiday scarf with craved pumpkin prints..and the kitchen table is really gorgeous..:)

Kenzie S said...

Huck doesn't look too pleased with wearing a scarf, but he sure looks cute in it! Ha ha, love the mud bath. My dogs do that and it drives me up the wall when they track it into the house.
Yay for new boots! So envious :D
Love the new table too! How awesome of your neighbors!

Amy said...

Hi, silly question, but which Hunter boots are those??