10 Reasons I'm Thankful for My Husband

This week has been tough. Between working full time, feeling extremely pregnant, and fighting a cold I haven't been the easiest person to live with. It's easy for me to be so consumed with my needs that I become unobservant to the needs of others around me...and that realization hit me this morning while running around preparing for work. 

I noticed that Steven had went ahead and feed Huckleberry and Herschel. Something small, but nonetheless something I usually do each morning... That simple act of kindness --of caring for me without being asked and carrying some of my burden while I'm not feeling well-- really struck a cord with me. My husband really loves me and in sickness and in health that man cares for me, and for that, I am really thankful. So in the spirit of the holiday season quickly approaching I thought I'd let him know just a few of the many reasons I am so very thankful for him. 
One | I am thankful that he provides for me and our little family. He puts us before himself and will do whatever it takes to make sure we are cared for.

Two | I am thankful for his generosity. Whether it's his money, his time, or his possessions, Steven is generous to a fault. It's something I often tease him about, but in reality it's one of his traits I love the most.

Three | I am thankful for the fact that he is a handy man. I don't know how'd I'd survive in this world if I didn't marry a man who can assemble baby cribs, fix broken fences, and restore chicken coops. I'd be one lost woman.

Four | I am thankful for his support. He is my number one fan and greatest encouragement in this life. I am so thankful to have him as my teammate.

Five | I am thankful for his positive outlook in life. For someone who often sees the worst in every situation, having his positive approach to life's trails has been a huge blessing to me.

Six | I am thankful for his enthusiasm. Although I often don't understand why he is so enthusiastic about certain things, I have to admit his enthusiasm is contagious.

Seven | I am thankful he chose me. I quickly learned that becoming Steven's girl in college also meant becoming enemy #1 to many girls within his circle. I don't blame them though. Steven is quite the catch and being his these last few years has brought me more joy than I could ever express.

Eight | I am thankful for his gentleness. Steven is all boy, through and through! He loves to drink beer, wear flannel, chop wood, and talk about trucks and zombies. Yet he is his own foil in that he has the most gentle approach when it comes to me and our fur babies. And I have no doubt he will be the same way with our children. I am so, so thankful for his gentle touch in a world where men are taught to be the opposite.

Nine | I am thankful that he loves me.

Ten | I am thankful that he loves the Lord. I love how Steven and I have grown spiritually these last 3 years together. I love to hear him pray. I am thankful he seeks God each and every day.

I love you, Steven! 


Maggie said...

AW! I love this post :) We all have weeks where we need those little acts of sweetness/kindness.

Those are all just awesome, REAL reasons.

Makes me smile! Hope you feel better!

Nancy Carroll said...

We should all take a step back occasionally and take a good look at the people in our life and why we appreciate them. I knew the first time I saw the 2 of you together that you were one in each other,

Beth W said...

And I'm sure he's thankful that you notice and appreciate his gestures! Very sweet. :)

Kristin said...

I love this!!

Dragonfly said...

That was very nicely written. Thanks.
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