Busy Life at our Little Bungalow

Things have been quiet on here these last few days as I've been nursing a head cold. Being pregnant is no joke, but being pregnant with a cold is the worse! Thankfully, (with the help of tea, lots of sleep, and vitamin C and D), I'm finally beginning to feel a bit better.

Yet, even though my blogging has slowed down things around our little bungalow have been picking up the pace! Between work, preparing for baby, and gearing up for the holidays we definitely haven't had much down time these last few weeks.

Steven has put together the baby's crib and dresser already. Slowly but surely the space is becoming our little man's and it's so exciting to see it transform!
Nursery sneak-peak. Still have a lot to do!
Also for baby, my amazing sister-in-law blessed us with some hand-me-downs from her 3 boys. It was so fun going through the clothes! Our little man has quite the wardrobe already!
Huck enjoyed going through all the cute baby clothes, too. His favorite outfit was this onesie and booties covered in pups. He just looks sad because he can't wear it himself...
Another thing keeping me busy is the oven. I've decided that since I've been indulging in grain and sugar throughout this pregnancy, I should at least know exactly what is in it. So I've been making all of our breads and sweets at home. It's definitely time consuming, but for me it's worth it to know what's going into my body (and baby's!). So although I haven't been eating 100% Paleo/yeast-free since being pregnant, I still want to make healthy choices for me and baby. And one way of doing that is preparing all your food at home!
Homemade sandwich bread and fresh baked apple pie
And poor Steven..while I'm slaving away in the kitchen or organizing baby's closet, he's doing the heavy lifting around the home. Not only has he assembled all of baby's furniture for me but he's also been taking care of our yard (which is a lot of work!), something I like to avoid at all costs. That man sure does take care of me!
 But in the midst of all the craziness around here, it's nice to see my boys slow down to catch a few zzz's. Seriously, how cute are these two??
And that's the busy life being lived in our little home! Things may be crazy but this is still such an exciting time for us! In just 14 short weeks we get to meet our little boy! :)


Amy Coelho said...

love the bottom photo! and hand-me-downs are the best.

Pamela said...

Ohhh that last picture! SO cute! The apple pie looks GREAT!

From Foothills to Fog said...

This was such a sweet post! Your home and yard look just beautiful, definitely a bungalow retreat! My sister hardly had to buy anything for my nephew because she had so many hand me downs, it's so great since they grow so quickly! I'm so impressed you made your own bread, is it difficult? Do you use a bread maker? Loved the update! Can't wait to see more of the nursery.

Beth W said...

Sounds like a very busy time, that's just going to continue for the next 14+ weeks. :)

I love that last pic...and I hope you're 100% over this cold soon!

Kenzie S said...

Sounds like you guys have been busy, busy, busy! That crib is too cute, I can't wait to see the rest of the nursery. That's awesome that you are cooking all of your own meals, not to mention it is so much healthier. I wish I had the ambition to do that. The back yard looks great!

Callie Nicole said...

It's so exciting to get the nursery furniture set up!