Life Lately

It's been a week since I've blogged and I feel as though I have nothing to report. My days are pretty much consumed with baby prep. I shop for baby, decorate for baby, clean/organize for baby, and read for baby. Basically, I'm nesting and it's obnoxious. 

Speaking of baby...(see, I just. can't. stop.) of all the things we've Steven's put together for our little man so far, the glider has been the toughest...but oh, so worth it! That thing is comfy!! Like seriously, buy a glider. Yes, they may look like grandma chairs but the comfort they provide is well worth it.
After the glider assembly, Steven and I put baby prep to rest for a couple of days and focused on the holidays. Thanksgiving came and went in a blur. I shoved way too many potatoes and pumpkin pie into my face to remember much of it though. All I know is I went home in a food induced haze and quickly went to sleep. Apparently, Huck had too many table scraps that evening as well (bottom, right photo). Like his momma, he passed out early too.
We spent the rest of our weekend cuddling the cutest Golden on the planet and decorating for Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I really do love Thanksgiving --it's just not the same without my family so I let it pass by without much fuss. But Christmas. Christmas deserves plenty of fuss and fuss over it I do.
We bought our Christmas tree, hung up our stockings, and strung our lights. We were even able to squeeze in some Christmas shopping and gift wrapping!

I love Christmas. I. Love. Christmas. I. LOVE. CHRISTMAS!
This time of year is definitely my favorite. I love coming home to the smell of spiced apple and cinnamon ornaments and the cheery glow of lights. I love listening to Christmas carols while decorating the tree and saying "Merry Christmas" to every stranger who gives me a smile. This time of year is truly so magical, and I plan on soaking it all up over these next 24 days.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and many wonderful plans for the Christmas season ahead!

Happy Monday!


Cara said...

Awe, your tree is so nice!

Pamela said...

Your tree looks so pretty!!

Kenzie S said...

I remember nesting, ha ha, it was very consuming and I didn't do much else other than get ready for baby.
That picture of Huck sleeping is too funny. Our lab sleeps like that!
Your tree is super cute!