Friday Letters

Do you know who Jim Elliot is? If not, I encourage you to look him up. He was an amazing individual who was murdered serving the Lord. I basically love his widow bunches and bunches and have read almost every book she's ever written. She's awesome.

Dear Husband - I like staying  up and talking to you under the covers in the dark. I like that you believe in me and encourage me. Frankly, I just really like you. Dear November - Woah! I cannot believe you are already here! And I'm excited because November means eating mass quantities of food with no judgement (because that's what we Americans do for the holidays) AND seeing my parents in just a few short days! I am so excited for mom and dad to come to Washington for the first time!! YAY! Dear Blog Friends - Wanna hear something funny? You know how on your blogger dashboard you can go to stats and then view the search keywords people most commonly type into google that directs them to your sight?? Well, the top two most searched keywords leading people to my blog are "worst pumpkin carving" and "horrible carved pumpkins." Haha! That absolutely cracks me up! They obviously are being shown to this post. Seriously, how funny is that! Made my day :) Dear Weekend - I really don't have any plans for you yet, but I am completely fine with that. I just want to be lazy and sleep in till noon {Ha! I wish}. A girl can dream though, right?

Hope you have a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

That's absolutely hilarious about your Google search input! And I'm so happy November is here, too. Thanksgiving is the BEST :)

Happy weekend, friend!

Katie Ann said...

Hello Danielle,

I am loving your blog and am just wondering who designed it? If you could let me know, that would be great =)

Liz Brown said...


For a while the top search term for my blog has been things like "ear fetish". Because of my ear post awhile back. It makes me laugh too.

(Elizabeth and Jim Elliot have been major heroes of mine for ages.)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy simple fun marriage things, such as talking under the covers in the dark. :)

LWLH said...

Haha..I didn't see that pumpkin post before but yeah.....I think you did a 'good' job :)

Treasure Tromp said...

ha, I love the keyword searches!

Petchie said...

Cute post! Love your blog too!


audrinajulia said...

How funny about your Google search key word. Sometimes the least thing you can think of that's the search key word it come out.

Happy Sunday to you.


Casey said...

Cracked me up about your google search key word! I've got weird ones too...like "humane practices for chickens"...but I have NO IDEA what post on my blog that would ever be linked to!! lol

Casey said...

Oh by the way, I sent you an email about your group sponsor feature for my blog that will be posted on Saturday...did you happen to get it? If not, check your spam folder...I tend to end up there sometimes. ;)