Weekend Review

1. Strawberry cinnamon milkshake for dinner
2. Operation Christmas Child shoebox full of goodies
3. Antlers patiently waiting to be mounted above our fireplace 
4. New favorite candle - Fireside Memories

Not pictured is a nature walk the hubby, pup, and I took because I forgot my camera (blogger fail). But all in all we had a great weekend. Best part? Washing the sheets and making up a bed in the guest bedroom. Why, you ask? Because mom and dad are coming to visit on Wednesday!! yay!  This will be their first time to Washington, their first time seeing my home, and their first time meeting Huckleberry! That's way too many firsts. I can't wait to show them everything and just spend some quality time with them. 

Honestly, living so far away from my family is hard. Like really, really hard. I didn't think it would be so rough, but sometimes a girl just needs her mom and dad no matter how old she is. 

On another note, Steven said that putting cinnamon in our strawberry milkshakes would be gross, but I ignored him and did it anyway. It was not gross. It was awesome.

Oh yeah, don't forget to vote people!

Sorry for the random Monday post :)

How was your weekend?


Faith said...

I so want that milkshake! Looks so yummy!

I completely agree that being far away from family stinks. I hate it so much.

I love random posts :)

Happy Monday!

Robin said...

The design on that candle's label almost looks like the one from Yankee Candle company...I wonder if they have a similar scent.

I understand that it's difficult to be away from your parents even as an adult. Especially as we get into our mid-twenties and it's US who starts to worry about THEM.

Alexa said...

That's so exciting your parents are coming to visit!! My parents aren't even too far away, but I still love when they come to my city and I get to play tour guide :)

Also, we used to do Operation Christmas Child at my elementary school and I got so excited to shop for the kids. Maybe hubby and I need to fill some boxes this year!

Happy Monday, friend :) XO

Chelsea Lennox said...

Mmmm that milkshake looks GOOD. And so exciting about all your parents firsts! Yay!

Kennedy said...

I am jealous of the milkshake!