Friday Letters

Dear Readers - I finally got an instagram. I know I'm really behind the times, so please forgive me, but I think it's awesome!! You can follow me here! Dear Herschel - You're funny. When you put your paws on my face and give me kitty kisses it makes me laugh. Partly because you're cute, but mostly because it tickles. Dear Car - This weekend you are getting Washington plates. Kinda makes me sad, but it's the next step for me to become a true Washingtonian. Dear Thanksgiving - You are less than a week away! Turkey! Nom nom.. Stuffing! Nom nom... Mashed Potatoes! Nom nom... this could go on, but I think I'll stop here. Dear Husband - I know you think we need a truck, but I'm convinced our next purchase should be a pygmy goat. Just think it over, will ya? Dear Huckleberry - Found this video on my old phone when you were just a wee little guy. Makes my heart melt every time. You were so tinnnny!!

Happy Friday, friends! Hope you have a lovely weekend :)



Alexa said...

Ah that video of Huckleberry!! He is truly too cute for words. As is Mr. Herschel, of course. Glenn and I are actually thinking about getting a cat :) Probably in early 2013 though.

Alexa said...
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Elle said...

herschel is so cute. zacs dog scout does that to me. they are marking you. and huck just kills me. and i want a pygmy goat too! i am trying to convince zac that when we move we need one. actually two since they need to have a friend of they get lonely. and maybe a miniture aussie to herd them? i have obviously thought this out.

Kennedy said...

I agree - goats before trucks. I am dying to have a goat. They are great.

Anne @ Cup of Caffeine said...

I love finding old videos of the puppies when they were little!

I'll have to find you on instagram :)

Bon Bon said...

instagram! welcome. good timing too, my grandma just got it:-) seriously! xoxo