Jack | 12 Months

And just like that my baby's ONE!
 ^post-nap Jack face^
 12 month old Jack loves...
his dino paci
Huck and Herschel
being outside
being chased by daddy
bath time!
the slide at the park
his new lawn mower from Gma and Gpa Carroll
cars, trucks, and anything that goes VROOM!
 12 month old Jack hates...
getting his diaper changed
being told 'no'
having anything taken away from him
being put in his carseat
Health: At Jack Jack's 12 month checkup he weighed 22 lbs and was 30 1/2 in tall. I can't believe how big my little man has gotten! He also got another bit of a cold this month... it was right after I finally got the nerve to leave him in the nursery for the first time! Took me a year to leave him in the nursery and he gets sick the first time... validation that I'm not a crazy person ;) and was right when I said everyone brings their sick kids to church (which [seriously] you should just stop doing now... so stop). But I digress...  Jack also got 2 new teeth on the bottom this month (8 teeth in all now), he has moved up to a size 4 diaper, and is still mostly in 12 month clothes... although I've had to move quite a few onesies to the too small box as of late. *tear*

Food (Nursing): Really no change because I still haven't introduced cow's milk in place of any of our nursing sessions at this point. So he's nursing about 4 times a day and twice at night (bad nights a lot more though).

Food (Solids): Man, has this little guy formed quite an opinion regarding food! He loves eggs, toast with cream cheese or avocado, and strawberries and blueberries. He is pretty much refusing to eat anything green expect for avocado. I did put some spinach in his mac and cheese the other night and he didn't seem to notice. I'm pretty sure everything taste better covered in cheese.

Sleep: When Jack started cutting his two new teeth on bottom we definitely experienced some sleep regression.. I'm not going to lie, there was a 2 week period or so where I thought I was going to drop over dead from lack of sleep. He would wake after only and hour or two in his crib at night and refuse to go back down. I gave up and just put him in bed with me but he nursed what felt like non.stop.all.night.long. I seriously didn't know if I could take it anymore. I was feeling very frazzled and impatient with him and was basically a terrible person. True story. Now that those two teeth are in (THANK YOU, JESUS) he's been sleeping like his usual self.. which is still pretty terrible but the usual terrible that I am used to.

Naps twice a day most days. Except these last two days he's taken one 2 hour nap. I'm not sure if he's ready to drop that second nap or not at this point.. we'll see how it goes! At night he is still going down around 7 and waking up around 6:30/7. Wakes two or three times to nurse in that 12 hour period. I talked to my pediatrician about night weaning him at his last checkup, so I may share the journey a bit later on as things improve (crossing fingers).

New this Month: 
+ We bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner and Jack is obsessed with it! He loves to push it around and help me vacuum and he throws a huge tantrum when we put it away!

+We've had a couple sunny days this month and have taken advantage of it by going to the park. I was shocked to find out Jack hates swinging! He kicks his legs and throws a fit (I have to admit it's sort of hilarious)... I wasn't expecting that at all! I definitely thought he'd love to swing. On the bright side though, he does love the slide.

+Following simple commands. Lately if I say "give mommy a kiss" or "bring mommy the ball" Jack is able to understand what I'm asking and follow through. It's so fun to be able to communicate with him more and more! I'm really surprised with how much they do understand at such a young age.

+Jack has definitely been showing a more independent strike, especially when it comes to feeding. He loves to use his own spoon and fork now. He isn't really coordinated enough to get a lot in his mouth but I know he has fun trying so I welcome the mess.

+Jack moved out of his infant carseat into a big boy carseat. It was a pretty sad day for me! I do notice that he is much happier during car rides now though. He still hates actually being put in his carseat however and uses his lungs with much gusto to let everyone in the parking lot know it.

+Jack celebrated his first birthday! We had a lumberjack themed birthday party at our home last Sunday. Jack had such a blast and was so spoiled. Photos to come later this week hopefully.
Jack, I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone.
Truly, it's been the best year of my life. 
The hardest, but the best.
Your daddy and I love you so, so much and are so thankful for you!
Thank you for bringing us so much joy this past year.
Now stop growing up, will ya!?!?

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Holly said...

He is such a cutie!! Ellie used to hate swings too - she's the type who always wants to be on the move, so just sitting in a swing while I pushed her just didn't do it for her! She doesn't mind it so much now (she's almost 2) but she definitely prefers slides to swings!