Jack | 3 Months

Last Monday Jack turned 3 months old! 
This month brought about a much more alert and smiley little man and has been so much fun! 
3 month old Jack loves...
mommy's funny faces
talking up a storm
his lamaze peacock
bath time!
the ceiling fan
diaper changing time
and (surprisingly) tummy time
 2 month old Jack dislikes...
being put down
his car seat
Health: No wellness check up this month so I'm not sure how much he weighs, but I'm guessing about 15lbs (up a 1/2 lb from last month?). He is still in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes.

Breastfeeding: Jack and I are no longer nursing with the nipple shield and I'm happy to say I haven't had any bouts of mastitis since kicking it! I am so thrilled about that! I can honestly say I enjoy our nursing sessions, whereas just 4 or so weeks ago I was in tears with almost every feeding. I am still taking a Lecithin and Echinacea supplement 2x a day, but I really feel like losing the shield is what made all the difference. Jack has gone from eating about 17 times a day to about 6 to 8. He is still a big eater (hence those rolls!), but 6-8 feedings is much more manageable for this momma than 17!

Sleeping: At 6 weeks we implemented a bedtime routine starting around 6 every night. It's basically bath-book-boob-bed ;) (Although, right now the "book" is actually singing since he's too young for books to hold his attention. But alliteration is fun.) It has worked for us since the first day we started doing that and we're still going strong. He goes down around 7 and wakes up at 6-6:30. He wakes once to nurse around 3 or 4 in the morning but immediately goes back to sleep when he's done. For the first 6 weeks Jack slept exclusively in bed with me. Now I put him down for the night in his pack-n-play (which, btw, he just graduated out of the bassinet portion of the pack-n-play :( slow down that growing, baby boy!) while I spend the rest of my evening with Steven. But when I'm ready for bed for the night I pick him up and put him in bed beside me.

...I know, I know. Some of you probably think that's crazy but I can't get enough of this little boy. I know he is safe sleeping a foot away from me in his pack-n-play but I just can't stand it. I want to snuggle up with him all night. Not to mention, it makes the early morning feeding so much easier! I don't even have to sit up and it's awesome. He just latches and then drifts back to sleep once he's done. Easy peasy.

Some people believe co-sleeping isn't safe, while I know others just think it is a nuisance, but it really works for us and has from the very beginning. I feel so bonded sleeping with my little man all night. I love waking up nose to nose with him and seeing his gummy grin first thing in the morning. It just melts my heart. I honestly don't see our sleeping arrangement changing any time soon.

Naps are another story... let's not discuss naps. This kid is a great night sleeper... But not such a great napper.

Nicknames: I've noticed this past month that we have a lot of nicknames for Jack. Mostly, Steven and I refer to him as Little Man, but he is also Baby Bear, Jack Attack, and Jack Jack. It's ridiculous. I know.

New this Month: This month Jack has discover his hands! Hands that are a part of his body! Hands that can conveniently go right in his mouth whenever he wants! Hands! Such a magical thing, those hands. He is also a pro at tummy time now. He laughs and smiles the entire time and is just so strong! Speaking of laughing... he does it all the time and it's enough to make my heart burst! Oh yeah, this kid also decided to roll from tummy to back this month! (stop growing, Jack. just stop it) He has discovered that he can stand up tall with a little help from mommy or daddy and thinks that's a lot of fun, too. He also has discovered Huckleberry and loves to stare at him. He follows him with his eyes whenever he leaves the room. He's also working on those fine motor skills and has been practicing grasping his toys.
 I really love this stage and have been having the best time with my little man!
I'll tell ya, this little boy and I... we have a full blown love affair going on.
Steven and I are just smitten. We simply can't get enough.

Happy 3 months, Jack Jack! Mommy and Daddy love you so, so much!  


chelsea LLinaBC said...

he is absolutely precious!!!! of course he loves huckleberry :)

Kelly said...

He is so adorable! I'm glad to hear that breastfeeding is going well!

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

I always wished that my little guy would sleep in bed with me, and really wished we could have nurse lying down, but oh man! he spit up so much the first 5 months, it just wasn't possible. He still swallows to much air when he nurses. Now that he is more mobile, I am pretty happy I don't share a bed with him LOL. Oh man, he is all over the place in his crib. And I am such a light sleeper I would NEVER sleep. I am a bit jealous of your sleepy time with jack though. Haha, maybe baby #2! I'm happy to hear he is nursing less! 17 times a day is crazy! and so exhausting i'm sure. Just wait, in a few months, he'll be nursing 5 times a day and if you're anything like me you'll worry like crazy that he isn't eating enough (i'm a bit paranoid when it comes to him eating enough). I remember month 3 was really when the fun started!!! Enjoy your little guy, he is so stinkin cute!

Ashley said...

He is soo cute!! I can't believe our boys are 3 months already!! Noah is not a napper either! But he sleeps all. I but, so we will not complain! Haha
Happy 3 month Jack! Keep up the good work!!

Katie Arruda said...

he looks just like your husband!!!! What a happy little guy :)

cynthia said...

When I was going to BF support group (before returning to work) the LC always mentioned that we are the only country that discourages co-sleeping. My son has slept with us for half the night every night since we came home from the hospital, and he turned one in May. The pediatrician says he could sleep through the night if I would force the issue and put him in his crib...but I, too, love sleeping next to him and waking up to his little face! Sleeping all night does sound good though so I am planning to do it sooner, rather than later. (Although I have been telling myself that for 3 months now and haven't done anything about it!)

Allie Tymoczko said...

Hey gorgeous - just thinking of you :)
Hope you and your handsome little man are doing well xo