So It's Been A While

So yeah, it's been a while since I've blogged...
and I'm feeling really rusty even typing this sentence out. 


There. That helps.

Anyways, I am definitely in a funk when it comes to this space. Mainly because I'm having trouble finding the time to invest in it, but also because I feel as though my life is lacking in inspiration at the moment.

"Ahh, but you have a kid!" you say. Loads and loads of fun stories to share and cute pictures to post. How could the inspiration be lacking?!? Well, today Jack ate a bunch of cheese and then drank copious amounts of water way too quickly. I said, "Jack Jack, slow down," and he responded by leaning over and throwing up in the diaper bag I had just neatly stocked for our mall outing. It was really cute. And super inspiring. 

And I still feel like there is the faintest smell of soggy cheese in the air.

Okay, but seriously, not a lot has been going on lately to blog about, yet at the same time I am the busiest I've ever been in my life! How is this even possible?!? The jury is out so I'm just going to have to fill you in on a little life lately update via bullet points. Enjoy.

Let's start with work.
  • You may have read my post when maternity leave ends back in August. At that time I was in a pretty rough place dealing with a lot of postpartum issues and really struggling with the fact that I simply couldn't (I mean I physically, emotionally, spiritually) could not return to the office. I felt like the only option I had was to quit my job and Steven and I put our home on the market and drastically change our lifestyle. It was an extremely emotional and (in complete transparency) dark time for me and such a struggle because all I wanted to do was smile and love on my baby.. yet all I could do was cry. To make a long story short (don't you just love cliches?), I was allowed to stay on and work from home until they hired my replacement.. or so I thought. Turns out my boss was working behind the scenes and eventually got it approved for me to work from home full-time! It was such a huge relief and a huge answer to prayer! The task has been far more challenging than I could have ever expected though! See my little man above? Yep, he's just editing a proposal for me. No big deal. 
  • Speaking of my little man... OH.EM.GEE he is into everything and growing up so quickly! 13 months was a huge communication explosion for him. In English he can say mama and dada, but in Jack Jack speak he has quite the vocabulary. He loves to talk about the birdies and airplanes he hears outside. He loves to wave hi to Huckleberry every morning and then run up to him and jibber jabber about all his plans for the day. He loves to pull Herschel's tail and wag his finger at him when he cries in pain (poor kitty). He signs the word "more" and Daddy is busy teaching him "I love you." He waves hi and bye and gives really energetic high fives. He is a delight and a terror all in one and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • In other baby news, Huckleberry (my first born) is a brat. He has dug a massive hole underneath our fence so he can go to the neighbors and play with his girlfriend, Jessie. He's decided he loves her more than me and I am very hurt when he sneaks away. Maybe it would help if Jack didn't pull his tail so much. Relaxing, tail grabbing free evenings are hard to come by these days.
The truth is, my life is pretty ordinary and I feel like even the prettiest of pictures and wittiest of tag lines just can't snazz that up. Maybe that's why I've been steering clear of this space? OR, maybe it's the crazy amount of time I find myself staring into a computer screen at night to finish up work after the baby's gone to sleep? My eyes literally can't take another minute of it! OR, maybe I'm just freaking tired? OR lazy? OR full of excuses. I don't know. But I do know that I love recording my little family's life together and all the memories we are making and I'm not ready to give this space up quite yet. 

And for all of you who still visit this space from time to time, thanks for sticking with me.


Cara said...

Glad you're back! Your little man is adorable and looks just like your husband! That is amazing that work let you wfh- isn't it the best? Sometimes? On the days you decide to put on pants? (There are some days I'm like "oh hey, I put on jeans today!").

Holly said...

Glad you're back! I agree with Cara - Jack looks SO much like his dad! How do you like working at home? Especially with a little one? I work at home too and have two kids (2 and 4) - it's nearly impossible to get anything accomplished when they're awake so I usually spend my evenings at the computer.

Betsy Smith said...

We miss you around here.... You may think of your life as ordinary but we love to hear what you're up to. Go figure. Jack jack is so cute, I'm so glad you could stay working from home... I wouldn't have been able to leave something so precious everyday either!