Jack | 8 Months

And just like that my little man is 8 months old! *tear*
(Okay, 8 1/2 months. I'm late, but you've come to expect that, right?) 
 8 month old Jack loves...
his dino paci
being outside
playing w/ balls
all dogs and cats
his mommy!
 8 month old Jack dislikes...
getting his diaper changed
bedtime and naps
going on car rides
Health: Jack got sick for the first time this month and it was pretty much the saddest thing ever :(
Poor buddy had a sky high fever and woke with a runny nose and small cough. It nearly broke my heart. Turns out he had an ear infection. Our naturopath gave us a homeopathic and in less than 24 hours he was back to playing and laughing like his normal self. I'm pretty sure the whole episode was harder on me and Stevan than Jack, and I'm super grateful that my naturopath is also a pediatrician. It makes me so happy that my son's primary healthcare provider is likeminded when it comes to her approach to health and well being. I feel blessed to have met her.

Jack is just under 20 lbs. He stills wears size 3 diapers and is now in mostly 12 month clothes. 

Food (Nursing): Jack still nurses quite frequently for an 8 month old. Always short 5 minutes feeding, but still every 3 hours or so. (Which makes me feel pretty crazy knowing that every 3 hours is what is recommended for a newborn...)

Food (Solids): Jack Jack  LOVES to eat! This month we introduced dairy and even some meat! He has yet to turn up his nose at anything I've offered, but he definitely has his favorites, too. He loves all fruit, especially bananas and berries, cheese, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash best of all.

Sleep: Oh, brother. If you want to know how Jack + sleep are going just read all the information in every baby book and on every baby blog that says what not to do when it comes to baby's sleep. The good news is, Jack has dropped his third nap of the day and we've fallen into a really good 2 nap schedule. He wakes around 6am and is ready for his first nap around 8 and his second around 11:30 or 12 (depending on how that first nap went). Usually each nap is 1.5 hours long. The bad news is... Jack still naps almost exclusively in my arms and we still co-sleep at night. I'm not really sure why that is bad news other than according to every baby book and blog I mentioned above I'm doing everything wrong and am a mommy failure.

But seriously, there are definitely 2 negatives about my little man's sleeping habits. One is that he goes to bed so early. After his second nap he stays awake till bedtime, which is currently 6-6:30pm. I just feel like he doesn't get much time in the evenings with his daddy! When we try to keep him up later he stills wakes at 6am... but is a grump butt. So for now we are keeping the early bedtime. Secondly, Jack is a extreme comfort nurser. He wakes up multiple times at night to nurse (usually anywhere between 4-8 nightly feedings), meaning I am not getting the best quality sleep, turning me into the morning grump butt! ;) 

Honestly, we've run into a lot of other nighttime sleeping issues, but they usually are short in duration and are brought on by teething, a growth spurt, or  a crazy day that threw this little one's schedule for a loop. 

New this Month: After a good month or so of crawling, Jack now uses anything and everything to pull himself up and has even begun cruising along the furniture! I'm torn about having such a mobile babe these days... He can be quite the handful! He crawls faster than lightening! He is so easy to make laugh and I just love his giggle fits. He is ticklish on his sides, thighs and the bottom of those adorable little feet. Still rocking 6 teeth, although I'm convinced he's working on 2 more on top! Loves all kinds of push toys (which I hide every so often b/c he is wayyy too daring with those things) and loves to scoot on the floor on his knees pushing his toy bin (or diaper caddy!) in front of him. He's working on perfecting his pincher grasp and likes to practice on happy puffs. He's enjoyed lots of fall festivities this past months like the cider press and pumpkin patch!
Jack Jack, you make each day new and exciting!
Your daddy and I love watching you grow.
You are our greatest joy, little man.
We love you!

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Ashley said...

He's so cute!! And soo big!! Noah is just 16.5 pounds haha! Small fry! Good job Jack on being mobile, Noah is just starting to work on crawling - but hate tummy time, so we shall see now it ends up going!! I'm secretly enjoying the fact that he's not mobile!! Look at all those chompers!! Noah's front top two teeth started coming, but went back up! Teething sucks.