Annual Cider Press

This past weekend Steven and I were able to attend our friend's annual cider press for the third year in a row. Hands down, this cider press has become my favorite fall festivity and is something I look forward to attending for years to come. It's funny to think that the first year we went we were newlyweds just 3 months into marital bliss, and this year we had little Jack with us. 

It ended up being a beautiful fall day with so much to see and do.  I'm pretty sure Jack was on sensory overload (and enjoying every minutes of it). He loved looking at the baby piglets, chickens, horses and cows... and he especially loved his first experience swinging! (I admit it, I teared up a bit. These milestones... I tell, ya. They get me every time.)

Jack's buddy Max! Sand seeping through fingers is some serious business.
Love my little family. <3 <3
Needless to say, Jack took a long snooze after his fun filled day. 

The cider press really epitomizes fall for me and I simply can't think of a better way to kick off the season. To see a glimpse of our annual cider presses from years past click on the link below.


Cara said...

Great pictures!! Looks like a fun day and babies sure do love that stuff.

Kara said...

Man! There is just something about apple cider that screams fall. And I have/love that shirt! I have a yellow cardigan that matches it perfectly for when it starts to get chillier!

Melissa Smith said...

So precious Danielle! what a sweet little guy! Keep the updates of your sweet family coming :)