Yeast Free Update

I've mentioned here and there that Steven and I were planning on doing a 30 day Yeast Free diet soon. Well, it has been one week and we're still going strong! In a nutshell, Yeast Free means no yeast (duh), grainsdiary, sugar, or fermented drinks

But it is a little bit more complicated than that even. You have to stay clear of fruit and butter for the first two weeks.  

For a more in depth list of what you can and cannot eat, visit Steph's blog. You'll find links to helpful posts and yummy recipes. Plus, she's the one who inspired me to give Yeast Free a try, and I'm so thankful!

In just one week I've noticed the following benefits from being Yeast Free:

- Increased energy and alertness. I no longer feel super sluggish at work and have more energy when I get home in the evenings to work out, clean up the house, cook, or whatever is on my to-do list for the day! 

- A feeling of fullness in between meals. This one is kinda crazy because I've always been a "snacker," but I've noticed that when I eat healthy, balanced meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner I am full until the next meal. My desire to snack while at work or watching TV in the evenings has almost disappeared altogether. Don't get me wrong, sometimes the urge still strikes and when it does I eat a healthy snack. 

- Variety in my meals. Steven and I have had some of the best meals lately and they have all met our Yeast Free guidelines!  

- Weight loss. I lost 5 lbs in 7 days. That's almost a pound a day!! Needless to say, I'm a happy camper.

Why Yeast Free is working for me?
To be honest, this is the first "diet" I've ever tried in my life. Why? Because I'm lazy! Diets make you count calories, or carbs, or even weigh your meat...no thanks! With Yeast Free there is no counting and no food scales. All I had to do was clean out my pantry of the foods we couldn't eat and stock up with the foods we can. Easy peasy. 

That doesn't mean it's been a cake walk. (Mmmmm....cake. I want cake.) I still have my cravings. The hardest part for me has been the fact that I can't have my three morning cups of coffee with french vanilla creamer. YUM! (Doesn't that sound good?) 

I'm not a huge fan of black coffee, so I have decided to give up coffee all together. And it. is. TOUGH. But I'm surviving. (Steven would probably say the hardest thing for him has been giving up beer.)

My lifesavers?
- Green tea with lemon. Never been a fan because I'd never tried it before ;)
- Peanut Butter. A few pieces of celery with peanut butter on them or just a dang spoonful of peanut butter by itself always hits the spot if I'm feeling like I may die of a sweet tooth craving.
Must be no sugar added! The only ingredients in this brand are peanuts and oil.

- Trying new delicious foods at dinner. It's almost like we're going out to eat and ordering something we've never had before! 
Stuffed eggplant. DELISH!

All in all, Yeast Free for Me has been great! 

I hope to give a weekly update on my progress (I promise I won't make it as long as this post though!), so be sure to check back next week! And if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Happy Tuesday, friends! =)


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear more about this as you continue it! I know for a fact I could never give up my vino, so this would not be the lifestyle change for me ;)
But the green tea with lemon - YUM! I drink at least one large mug of green tea every day, it's so healthy and delicious! Good luck, girlfriend!

Kiersten said...

I'd never even considered a yeast free diet (and I'll be honest, I don't know how you're doing it. Maybe because I have no self-control...)
I'm glad you're loving it so much!
<3 Kiersten

k8te said...

my hubs and i are talking about starting a healthier lifestyle/diet together too...and i have the same plan for coffee, i just can't like black coffee so i think i'll give it up all together. i'm team vanilla creamer also..it'll be sad to see it go! :( but 5 lbs is amazing..way to go!

Ella-Lauren said...

Wow...that's quite challenging (not sure I could completely give up potatoes), but so inspiring. Sugar is my weakness and I need to start cutting out more of it.

So glad you've mentioned this "diet". I'm going to look into it. Would love to learn more about your experience as you go through it too :)

Anne said...

Hey lady! Found you via Sarah's sponsor post. I'm loving this post because I've been dying to try this out. I've seen it catching on across the blog community and have been reading every post I see in order to learn as much as I can about it.

Thanks for sharing & GO YOU for the loss!!

Lauren Nelson said...

My mom is trying to lose weight right now so I mentioned the diet you have been on. After an idea of throwing around the idea we are going to start tomorrow! My brother's wedding is in 36 days and that is our goal for the diet. Can't wait to start the journey!