Life's little moments captured on my iPhone.
Chipotle. I devoured this and then suffered for 4 hours with heartburn.
Totally worth it.
Hubby playing darts. He's pretty much obsessed with this game.
I only go for the view ;)
A special delivery (the day after Valentine's Day)!
The hubby got a hair cut and looks so fresh and so clean, clean!
He loves me despite that look on his face.
Late night splurge the day before we started our yeast free diet.
Again, totally worth it.
My sweet grandma sent me some new skincare products to try!
Have you ever heard of Affinia??

Hope your having a good week, friends! Tomorrow's Friday...
Did you just do your happy dance?


Jen said...

I laughed out loud at "he loves me despite the look on his face." hahaha. all the food in this looks so good.. except my boyfriend and I have started a diet together as well so I'm just gonna try to forget that I ever saw it :)

Anonymous said...

oh my god. the food looks amazing!

LWLH said...

B always gives me that face during pics too...lol : )

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh the food looks freaking delicious! I would do deal with heartburn for some of that chipolte :D
Haha love the look on your hubs face!

Katie Arruda said...

I have never had Chipotle... I really need to change this after seeing that yummy plate

Maxine said...

your chipotle bowl looks like my chipotle bowl! whaaaaa. and the person above me commenting on this, hasn't lived life yet... tell her to run to chipotle RIGHT MEOWWWW

Kristin said...

ohhhhh Chipoodle!!

ShaunaQ said...

That chipotle creation looks TOTALLY worth it!

Add that ice cream sundae to it!

Following you from the FFF link up!