My Tazmanian Devil Wake Up Call

Last weekend a cleaning frenzy struck me. Basically when this happens, I become all consumed with the thought of a clean home and turn into the Tazmanian Devil. Scrubbing over there, sweeping over here, disinfecting this and that and everything in between. It's insanity. And once it strikes, the compulsion doesn't subside until every surface in my home smells like roses. 

Seriously people, I have a problem. Like a real I-should-probably-see-a-therapist problem. 

When this mood strikes, I become really frustrated with everyone around me. I usually shoo the animals outside, because one is chasing my broom while the other is getting his poopy paws on my counter, and I order Steven to be productive --go clean up the garage, burn that brush pile, take out the trash. Basically, I'm a raging lunatic. 

Last weekend, in the midst of one of these moods, I called for Steven to help me put a serving platter high in a cabinet I could not reach. He didn't respond. I called again. And again. No response. Finally, I storm into our bedroom and I see this...
My exhausted husband trying to catch some much needed zzzz's on a Saturday afternoon. And you know what? I was pissed. How can he sleep when there is so much to be done? I work all week, too! I'm tired, too! 

And then I saw the bigger picture and my heart softened.
Steven wasn't being lazy. He is so good about helping me around the home when I ask. Pitching in when I need a hand. Taking out the trash. Placing that serving platter on the highest cabinet shelf.

Steven was retreating (as were our pets!). 

The mood had struck. I had gone crazy. They retreated to a safe place to pass the time until the frenzy subsided. Our bedroom. Were we all pass the night in unconscious bliss, knowing the other is right there beside us. 

In this moment it just hit me. I waste so many of my waking hours being busy with things that simply don't matter. Spending time scrubbing floors that will be covered in animal hair tomorrow instead of spending time with living, breathing beings that bring me so much joy. 

How stupid is that?

It's okay if I don't live in a Pinterest perfect home. It's okay to leave those dirty dishes in the sink and go on a date with my husband. It's okay to live life. Isn't that what it's there for?

No, I am not trying to promote a slovenly lifestyle. I just know that I need more balance. The clock is always ticking reminding me that another moment has passed and I want to spend that moment with the one I love, not shouting out their name. 

I want to be a place of retreat, not the one they are retreating from.


kelsey bang said...

this was an awesome post! i go crazy sometimes to, and realize, I have to chill and relax, and like you said, find some balance and it makes me much more happier :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! I think the downside of websites like Pinterest is that they sometimes cause us to feel less happy about what we already have.

Sarah said...

Oh my Lanta I do this far too often! The cleaning crazies will hit me and all of a sudden I think everything in our house is disgusting and get mad at the hubs and the dog for not helping or making it worse.

Great post, I need to take your advice!

SH said...

Great post! Love the honesty here - I get the same way sometimes. Leave it to our hubby's to bring us back to earth :)

The Hartungs Blog

k8te said...

such a great point! i turn into a crazy person too. and god help my hubs if we're having a party or ppl over, it's a full on frenzy!

Katie Arruda said...

I loved that post! we have that in common I get the same way! The only thing worst is when im hangry- everyone knows to hide when im in that tazmanian devil mood- The cat and dog as well :)

Great advice- less time cleaning and panicking and more time living.

Kendra said...

That's definitely how it happens with me. I'll just be browsing the web when I see a pretty picture of a house that looks amazing, and all of the sudden my mess around me is unbearable. The worst part is that it almost always happens late at night.

Meg said...

I'm not the only person who goes on crazy cleaning rampage & is livid when husband isn't helping. Here's to real lives- not the pinterset board kind.

AM said...

What a great post, as well as reminder for those of us who are the same way. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Good for you for calming down and not yelling at him. Realizations like that are nice to come by. :)

Lauren @ Love, Water and Wine said...

I totally go into a crazy-cleaning-manic episodes too. And Taylor hides. It's hard to step back from the situation and realize they do a lot for us. That's awesome that you were able to see the bigger picture in that moment. I don't always! haha

Miss Angie said...

Balance is good, and balance is healthy. I wish I had more urges to clean-I'm so cluttered!

I'm stopping by from the Weekly Round-Up Linky Party because Carrie recommended this post in her post! :)

Rachel said...

What a good realization to have! A clean house, while nice, is definitely not worth alienating the ones you really love!