Weekend To Do's

Oh Friday, how I've longed for you. 5pm can not come soon enough. Yet, it seems as though lately there are not enough hours in my weekend! With a to do list a mile long, it's hard to find time to simply veg out on the couch and relax. And honestly, is there really anything better to do than that on the weekends?

Although many of the things I have to do feel like chores, a lot of the stuff on my to do list is kind of fun too! I thought I'd share the fun, and not-so-fun, with you.

Fun weekend to do's:
1. Make a trip to Michael's to get material for my will you be my bridesmaid gifts! I'm sure you've seen this idea on pinterest. A cute way of asking the girls you want to be in your wedding party to join you on the big day! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT MY IDEA IS YET. But I'll just browse Michael's until I figure it out. I'm thinking just a little homemade box with information about the wedding (color samples, pictures, bridesmaid dress idea, etc.) Like this one. 
and the best thing about this is that when I DO figure out what I'm going to do --I have blogging material. And we all know just how important that is :)

2. Make a trip to Whidbey Island to sign the contract and give them a deposit for the wedding venue! Which means Steven and I will FINALLY have an official date! Very, very exciting!

3. Puppy training. I have mixed feeling about Huck's obedience classes now. He's almost done with the 6 week program and overall, I think he's done really well. But now he's kinda getting bored with the whole "be obedient" thing. This is him at puppy training when he is supposed to be obeying the "sit" command. He decided to take a nap instead.

Not-so-fun weekend to do's:
1. Go to the DMV to get a WA state driver's license. I've been putting this chore off for 7 months. Does anyone else avoid the DMV like it's the black plague? I don't care what state you live in --the DMV ALWAYS = A BAD EXPERIENCE. 

2. Go lingerie shopping for a friend's wedding. I know this doesn't sound bad but when you  don't know the bride very well it can be...well, awkward. Steven's in a good friend's wedding from his college days. Which means, being his fiancĂ©, I have to go to all the pre-wedding girly events. I don't mind that at all but it's weird buying lingerie for someone you've hung out with maybe 5 times your entire life. I mean do I go for sexy? conservative? Maybe a silk robe or nightie instead of whips and chains? Am I being overly worrisome or do you think shopping for intimates is weird when you don't know the girl that well? {And I was kidding about the whips and chains, FYI.}
I won't bore you with the rest of my to do list like picking up the puppy poo in the yard and mopping my floors. Instead, I'll just wish you a very happy {and hopefully productive} weekend!


Michelle P said...

The will you be my bridesmaid idea is so cute!

And hmm I'm not sure what you should do about the lingerie. I agree that does sound awkward.

Amira said...

Victoria's Secret has cute tank tops with "bride" written on them, that come with cute matching panties. That way you aren't getting her something "too sexy" but it's still fun :-)

Noelani said...

I need to make a trip to the WA DMV soon too, and I am dreading it as well, ha. I agree with it being awkward shopping for lingerie for someone you don't know THAT well. I'd say go with the conservative. Classy but still sexy ;)

Angie said...

It's possible that I've lived in Washington for two years now (I live in Tri Cities!) and still have my Oregon license and plates on my car (came from Portland). Just sayin.... :)

Have an awesome weekend!


Holly said...

I love the "be my maid" boxes - I didn't do anything creative for my man of honour/bridesmaids - I think maybe I just texted them all? I'm so not creative ...

Rustic Living said...

Yes, the DMV is always a bummer place. I would just go with cozy cute pj's for a gift for someone you don't know, everyone loves cozy! And I really wish I could Huckleberry a big squeeze! Whiskey would love to take care of his boredom, haha!

Daisy said...

The DMV sucks in California too! Aww, your puppy looks so bored but hopefully he will pick something up.

I think it depends, if they put the size down on the invitation then they obviously want lingerie. If not, ill buy them something of the registry. I love wedding related party's! My shower is tomorrow :)

sea to shining port said...

So funny, I just went to the DMV this morning! I literally got there 20 minutes before they opened, and waited outside. Got in, patted myself on the back for getting ticket #3, and was out in 15 minutes. I think that's what I'll do from now on - because I hatttte it otherwise!! Can't wait to hear about your crafts (so cute) and I always love a silky, somewhat conservative, pair of panties with "bride" on the bottom. I think VS has some!


Breanna Hohenstein said...

Hope you get all your weekend to do list finished :)

Happy Weekend!

Jim Thomson said...

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