One, Wiz, Wit!

That means one cheesesteak with cheese whiz and onions.

While in Philly this past weekend, Steven had to make the tough decision between a Geno's or Pat's cheesesteak. I'm sure you've heard of both of these historic cheesesteak landmarks. If not, simply turn to the Food Network channel and catch some reruns. Steven was torn, and the fact that these dives are directly across the street from one another only complicated the matter.
Steven finally decided on Pat's. Not only has it been around longer (1933 compared to Geno's 1966), but let's face it, the line was shorter --it was the obvious choice.

I made Steven order the cheesesteak because I was intimidated by the big, Italian men yelling in their thick northern accents "eh you, hurry up and order already!..What?!? We don't do that! Go to the back of the line!"

Like a pro, Steven orders, "one, whiz, wit!"
It was pretty tasty. Not BLOW MY MIND tasty. But at places like this you pay for the experience, not the sandwich.

It was a good experience.

Have you ever ate at a famous restaurant? Or some place showcased on the Food Network?


Michelle P said...

Sounds yummy!

Nicole said...

That looks so delicious.

Samantha said...

Crazy!!! I was in Philly last week and had Geno's! It was delicious and no line cause we went later!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

That is so cute. Can a burger experience be cute?

I'm seriously hungry now. And I want to go on vacation.

Thank you.

Mrs Independent said...
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Mrs Independent said...

If you want blow your mind tasty, go to Tony Luke's for a cheese steak next time you are in Philly. My hubby is from MT and is always intimidated by the Northeast attitude - the cheese steak guys can be the scariest! So what are the must-eats when I get to Seattle?

(Formerly Philosurfy)

Mayra Romero said...

wow! that looks so yummy!!!!