Wedding Favors

Remember last Friday I told you I'd be meeting my engagement/wedding photographer this weekend?
Well, I did.
And she was A-MAZE-ING!
So sweet and bubbly! I felt like we had known each other all our lives.
Very, very excited she's our photographer.

Now that that HUGE decision is over with --I've been thinking about wedding favors. The wedding favors are something that's important to me. It's the only material thing our guests will be leaving the wedding with. It's a bride and grooms way of saying a simple thanks. Thanks for taking the time to be present on our big day (even though {let's be honest} our wedding was probably an inconvenience for you!). And since many of our guests will be traveling 3,000 miles to attend, I don't mind taking the time and effort to give them more personal touches in the wedding favors, rather then simply buying silly, thoughtless trinkets in bulk. 

So I have a few ideas...
1) Coffee. Steven and I are both HUGE coffee drinkers. The amount of caffeine we consume on a day-to-day basis is disturbing. ANNNND, Seattle is known for their coffee obsession. This is where Starbucks originated, FYI. I was thinking we could fill small burlap bags with coffee beans and make homemade tags that say: 
"The Perfect Blend" 
Danielle and Steven 
November 10, 2012. 

2) Homemade Apple or Pumpkin Butter. Since our wedding will be in the fall, I thought apple or pumpkin butter would be the perfect seasonal treat! We could make the recipe ourselves, can it in mason jars, and pretty up the mason jars with some burlap and twine. Like the photo above, we could make our own labels to personalize the treats!

3) Homemade Candles. I found a tutorial on Pinterest for making your own candles, and when I told my mom about the idea she said she's actually done her own before and it's simple and fun! In mason jars, we could make blue scented candles (blue is our accent color), and then pretty up the mason jars with burlap, twine, and a personalized label!

I like all 3 options because it's something are guests can actually use rather then simply putting the favor in a drawer when they get home and forgetting all about it until Spring cleaning comes around!

So what do you think? Coffee, apple butter, or a candle? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Amira said...

Coffee! You had me at "The Perfect Blend" :-)

Bethany said...

coffee!!! great idea!

Holly said...

I think all three are fantastic ideas but like the other commenters have already said - I love the coffee idea!

Meghan G said...

These are all so unique and different.
I personally like the coffee and pumpkin butter idea.
You for sure want something that is easy to throw in a bag/suitcase since you will be having a lot of travelers.
I say go with coffee or butter. You could always to a mixture of your favorites or do smaller jars and do two.
so fun

Liz Brown said...

I think pumpkin and apple butter is the most unique idea. It would probably go farther, plus not everyone drinks coffee. And it just sounds yummy for a fall wedding.

Daisy said...

I say the pumpkin butter but only because I don't drink coffee.

Jenna said...

I vote for either the coffee or candles! I'd be soo happy to receive any of these three options though! :) All very cute and thoughtful!

Rustic Living said...


Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

First off...I can't ignore the fact that you found, met and love your photog. That's great! And soooo important!

Okay....all these ideas are adorable!!! I am, however, partial to coffee and those tags would be so perfectly cute. I vote "coffee"! :) I can smell it now. Mmmmmm....

Jessica said...

Great ideas Danielle! I love the tag line you came up with for your coffee idea, so cute!

Vivian said...

I don't drink coffee but I would have to say coffee sounds like a very original and fun gift! Bet everyone would LOVE to get it.

Holly said...

I'd definitely love to receive the coffee idea! Very cute! :)

Just dropping by from #FF. :)