Puppy Love

Tomorrow morning Steven and I are flying to Philadelphia for a wedding. This means blogging will be no more until Monday {gasp!}. But I think you all will survive. More importantly, this means I have to leave Huckleberry for 4 days! I don't even know how to describe the anxiety I feel when I have to leave Huck. It's pretty extreme and highly embarrassing. I experience it every Monday-Friday during the work week. I hate, HATE, HATE leaving him for those 8 hours. 

It's tough being a fur mama! and Steven thinks I'm clinically insane. Which is probably a pretty accurate assumption...

Luckily, Steven's parents are kind enough to take Huck in while we're away. It's a relief we don't have to board him. {Honestly, if we had to board him I wouldn't go to the wedding. Yes. I'm that crazy.} But I still  worry. A lot. 
It's insane how much I love this puppy. He really is like a child. Since he was 8 weeks old he's been with me everyday. He depends on me to feed him, provide him with fresh water, and wipe his paws when he comes into the house. {What? It rains a lot in Seattle..he gets muddy paws..}

Sometimes I wonder if I've develop an unhealthy attachment to my pup. Maybe because I spend more time with him then I do even with my fiancé! Or because when I moved to WA I really didn't have a lot of friends and I transferred some emotional residue onto my pup. But I don't mind being that crazy animal lady. {As long as my interest doesn't extend to rodents down the road!} I love my pup.
The very first photo we ever took of Huck the day we brought him home.
Such a tiny baybay!
Okay, enough of me crying over my spoiled rotten pup. I'm sure Philly will be a blast. Neither Steven nor I have ever been! So be ready for a detailed account of our trip, accompanied by photos of course, when I return on Monday.

Happy, happy Wednesday, friends!


Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

I just did a similar post on Monday going on about how much I love my dog, and I can totally relate! We just went out of town this past weekend and had to leave her home, so we took her to this dog daycare place and I hated leaving her too! She's so exhausted now that we're back, I think it was really tiring for her playing with all the other dogs! So I totally know how you feel, I love my dog a crazy amount too! :)

Michelle P said...

I get super upset and I tend to cry on vacations, so I know how you feel! I wish I could bring my pups everywhere

Amira said...

Ohhh, I wouldn't go to a wedding if I had to board Lucy either. If that makes us insane, I'm okay with that :-)

If we love our dogs this much, does it freak you out a bit to think about actually having HUMAN children?

Mayra Romero said...

I feel the same way! I went to Europe this summer and I cried most of the plan ride because i had to leave my pup with my parents. I skyped home daily just so that I can talk to my Tula! i know that some may say its unhealthy but I don't care and I wont change it lol My pup is my kid! I don't have any real children , but i can't imagine a greater love (at least not yet ) ;)

Angie said...

I'm a fur-momma too and don't know what I'd do without my Diesl (yellow lab). He is seriously the biggest love and a huge part of my life. Every day is a happy day with my boy! And Huckleberry is so stinking cute!!


AM said...

I feel the same way, our dog is our kid. We try to take our dog with us whenever we can and if not she stays with family. It's great that so many more hotels are recognizing this and allowing pets. Even that pet air line they created was such a great idea.

So glad I found your blog because I enjoy your posts!

Rachel said...

Cats are much easier to leave at home for a weekend if we need to. But I still feel guilty every time and spend way too much time thinking about him, as in, "I wonder what Cheeto's doing now?" Just part of being a mom, I guess!

Britney @ twenty-somethingwife said...

You have to take a trip to Geno's or Pat's while you are there! Steak w/ whiz you won't regret it ;)

Jewels said...

Oh I am with you! I just got my puppy about a month ago and I have spoiled him so much! He is really my little baby and I hate leaving him just for a few hours. Hope you have a fun time thought.

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Well, he IS a golden retriever, so I see how it's hard to part. ;)

Umm...but seriously, I'm with Sasha 24.7 and I need a break! I love her, but she is EXHAUSTING. Maybe the fact that I have 3 real kids has something to do with it, too??? ;)

Hope you have a great wknd!

Christy said...

So I'm a new follower and am reading all of your wonderful posts about Huck :)

I, myself, and a crazy obsessed retriever (labrador though) lover. I think we would be best friends in real life...we would bond over our crazy love for our dogs.

Husbands just don't understand... :)