Annual Apple Picking + Pressing

This weekend was a blast! Not only were Steven and I able to get lots done around the house for baby's arrival, but we were also able to partake in what has become one of our favorite Fall festivity traditions -- an apple picking and pressing party! 

Our good friends have family that live on a farm out in Enumclaw, WA with lots and lots of apple trees. We head over, help them pick and press the apples to makes some delicious apple cider, and then all dive into the potluck buffet and enjoy the delicious classic Fall treat. It is always such a good time!
This spoiled pup was lucky enough to join in on this year's fun. He loved eating the apples and getting lots of pets and cuddles from the other guests! 
I don't know if there is a better way to enjoy the Fall season than to simply go out and press your own cider! I'm already looking forward to next year's party! To see some snapshots of lasts year's apple cider making fun, go here.


Libby @ Health, Love & Fire said...

I love this tradition! My husband and i own a press too and always press our own cider! There are currently 100lbs of apples sitting in our garage waiting for just that! Isn't it the greatest thing?!? It just tastes so much like fall . . . I love it!

Alexa said...

How fun!! I love everything Fall (I mean, I'm a blogger, after all! ;) ) but this sounds like an extra great way to spend a Saturday! And Huck, such a charmer.

Pamela said...

Love all the pictures!! Especially the last one!

Kelly said...

Wow, that sounds like a really fun experience! I love fall.

MzJessicaxo said...

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Beth W said...

I adore apple-picking, though pressing seems like some seriously hard work. If your friends ever need an extra set of hands, Enumclaw isn't too far for us, and I'm happy to pick fruits that we can't grow in Seattle. ;)
I'm amazed Huck liked eating apples, too!