22 Weeks

One. Sorry for the terrible picture quality on all my pregnancy updates. Late night kitchen lighting isn't the best in our house. Two. Check out my fat face!! I didn't realize I was gaining weight in my face until this weeks photo. My cheeks are bigger and my chin less defined. Bummer!! 
Baby: Baby is 22 weeks and the size of a papaya! Fun Fact: He is sleeping in cycles of 12 to 14 hours per day. It's fun to track his sleeping patterns. He is most active in the evenings after I eat dinner and he always gives a few kicks whenever he hears his daddy's voice!

Weight: I had another ultrasound this week to try to get a glimpse of baby's profile since he refused to show it last time. No luck! But they did weigh me. I'm still up 10 lbs on the dot.  

Symptoms: I got a little nauseous after my morning commute this past Monday. I thought I was going to throw up but luckily I was able to keep my breakfast down. Other than that just breakouts, some aches and pains from a growing belly, and a fat face!   ;)

Sleep: It's getting harder and harder to wake up in the middle of the night to use to bathroom. As my stomach grows my mobility decreases but so far it hasn't been too bad and I'm getting some really great nights of sleep. 

Cravings/Aversions: This week I indulged a couple days in some homemade chili and cornbread...so good! Not experiencing a lot of cravings. 

Body: I've been reading a lot that many women start to get stretch marks around this time or maybe even an outtie belly button as baby gets bigger  :| Why do both of those things sound so horrible to me! I know they are just a part of the process, but geez...I hope it passes me by. Aren't stretched out abdominals and a fat face enough change to be dealing with?

Random Thoughts: You've heard the horror stories, right? You get pregnant and people (friends, family, and even strangers) say the craziest. downright offensive things to you? Well, those stories are true and my goodness do I have a few to share with you. People are nuts. 

Overall, I really am feeling good. I have good energy levels and am enjoying eating my meals and keeping them down. I've been able to knock some projects out of the way at home and now all that's ahead of me is the baby's nursery! I'll be sharing some of the projects we've been doing around the house later next week...and then after that get ready for some baby boy nursery updates! Oh yeah, did you hear the news? Baby is a boy!


Pamela said...

You look great!!

Megan @ InnerHappiness said...

So exciting :) Love reading your updates.

From Foothills to Fog said...

I love reading your updates! I can't wait to hear more about the projects you've been working on around the house, and plans for the nursery! You've pinned some cute stuff! Have a great weekend!

Alexa said...

You look amazing, mama! Can't wait to see some baby prep projects and hear your crazy stories! Haha
Happy weekend :)

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

You look great!!!

I am still scratching my head about why certain things happen to our bodies when we get pregnant. I gained a ton of weight and fluid in my legs. As in I have stretch marks on the sides of my knees. Why?!? The good news is that they are fading. :) But still... I hate it! I didn't grow my baby in my legs!

Namrata said...

chubby cheeks look great on you! :)

Namrata said...

chubby cheeks look great on you! :)

Celeste said...

Such a cute belly! 22 weeks is when I really "popped" and started feeling super pregnant. Hope your pregnancy continues to go well for you!