Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Lately, our weekends have been full of softball games, BBQ's, and bonfires.
Work is pretty insane this time of year, so we live for these weekends.
Oftentimes, I find myself wishing I was still in school, 
so I could have these glorious summer months off
 and eat fresh watermelons and peaches,
till my heart's content.
But really, it is already.
My heart.

I still find myself wishing anyway.
Summertime is just too good.


Sarah Alway said...

Oh wow, those shots are amazing!!

Sarah @ Life As Always

Corinne said...

Love the photos - I definitely am in the same boat! Last year at this time I was job searching, and while it really stunk I absolutely loved having the opportunity to hang out all day with my Mom and enjoy the summer sun and the slow-paced days. I'm now wishing I had some of those days!

Julie @ A Simply Sweet Blog said...

Definitely wish for long, leisurely summers off, too! Love life now, but can't say it wouldn't be improved by even just a month off in the summer :)

Anonymous said...

I love those shots! I haven't played or been to a baseball game in so long!