life's little moment captured on my iphone.

I know I sound like a broken record, but work is BUSY, BUSY!! I haven't had time to whip out my camera since we've been back from vacation! But that's the beauty of cell phones, they are always handy for taking those random snapshots you might otherwise miss out on and forget about! 
 Like the first bloom of these beautiful tiger lilies and our outrageous arbor with the overgrowth of grapes vines.
 The newest addition to our neighborhood, Jessie, and Huckleberry making one of his many silly faces.
 The biggest bonfire I've ever been to and the boys who were responsible for the monstrosity. 
And the latest home improvement project from our never ending to do list. Right now we are trying to decide on a paint color for the garage. At first we were thinking we'd like it to match the cedar siding that's on our house, but that's not going to happen. I'm thinking a contrasting color will probably be best.

This week, I finally started to feel settled back in since returning home from Cabo. Work is just so busy that I'm enjoying the slower pace of life at home after the hectic work hours. There's been lots of Law and Order watching and ice cream eating in the evenings. You know, the important things in life. 


From Foothills to Fog said...

I love that our iphones give us the ability to capture life's moments! That puppy is SO adorable, so fluffy I just want to snuggle the little guy! Young House Love and Bower Power both recently did posts about painting the exterior of their homes and selecting the right color and everything, maybe that will be helpful! I think contrast too :) Glad you've had a slower week with ice cream and L&O!

Kenzie Smith said...

That is my favorite thing about my iPhone! I always have it on me and it is so easy to capture life's little moments :D & That puppy is too cute!

Robin said...

Post some pictures of the garage when it's done!

Jess Bourne said...

Work has been crazy for me too so I know the feeling about wanting to just RELAX when I get home. My food of choice; pumpkin pie ha.

lost in travels said...

your new pup is so adorable! what kind is he? and i hope you feel more settled soon, it can be so hard to adjust after vacation!

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Kelly said...

Your lily is so pretty! Ours are on the way out now...sad!

Kelsey said...

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