Weekend Review / Busted Lips. Pretty Skies. Zombies.

The older I get the faster my weekends fly by. Has anyone else experienced that, too?

This past weekend started out very eventful. Steven (you know, my hunky husband who just got his braces off?), had a double header softball game Friday evening. First game went great. I was the dutiful wife sitting in the stands Instagramming his butt...and then the second game started and Steven decided to take a softball to the face, busting his lip and knocking three of his pearly whites loose! That boy...
He has bad luck when it comes to his mouth region. Luckily, his teeth stayed in. He just has one HUGE lip!

Saturday turned out to be a gorgeous day here in Washington! We ended up heading out to Ravensdale for a barbecue at a friend's where I got to hold two of the cutest babies in the world (who always give me intense baby fever) and get a behind the scenes peek of this little cutie's mini photo session against the most beautiful sky!
Soooo pretty! Oooooooooh. Ahhhhhhhhhh.
I'm so glad Saturday was such a pretty day, because Sunday it rained all. day. long. Steven and I decided to go see a movie because a) there is nothing better to do on a rainy day b) we both really wanted movie theatre popcorn, and c) he's obsessed with zombies. Obviously, we saw World War Z.

I'm not sure how I felt about the movie. I don't think I'd recommend it to someone but I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe it's because Brad Pitt is noticeable aging or maybe it's because the zombies were disgusting and sounded like pterodactyls. Either way, it's a movie that you could probably just wait till it's on Redbox to watch.

And apparently I now do movie reviews. You're welcome.

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Sarah Alway said...

Oh no!! I hope his teeth are going to be okay! My husband had braces as an adult, too, a couple years ago. I think it's becoming quite common. I had a crazy weekend, too... they always go by way too fast.

Sarah @ Life As Always

Beth W said...

Ah, yes...and the rain still hasn't let up, but BOY were we spoiled on Saturday! I spent it painting set pieces outside, but I'm thinking....BBQ was the way to go. :/

Thanks for the World War Z review! I liked the book, which the movie is apparently nothing like, so I was going to skip it in protest, but knowing that the zombies sound like dinos, and Brad Pitt is getting old...well, all the more reason!