Huck: The Dog with a Blog // Guest Post & Giveaway

I recently found out that there really is a kids television show called The Dog With a Blog. I thought that was pretty hilarious. And I'm not sure which came first, that show or this blog, but I'm officially bestowing Huckleberry with the official most awesomest dog with a blog award!
Awesomest is a word if I want it to be.

There it's been done. No take backs.
But you know who else is a pretty awesome pup with an equally amazing fur mama? Floyd over at Total Basset Case. Floyd was kind enough to let Huck stop by his blog today and share some of his favorite things to do! And that's not all, Huck insisted that I give all his furry friends the opportunity to snag a few of their own favorite things! So head over to Floyd's blog to read Huck's post and enter to win a $25 gift card to your local Petco!

Happy Friday!  


chelsea LLinaBC said...

I THINK your blog came before the show. it's sad that I've actually seen an episode. and that dog is cute, but huckleberry takes the cake! :) xo - chels @ LLinaBC.com

Callie {FirstComesLove} said...

Man. Our dogs look so exactly alike it's scary. And awesome. Because who doesn't love a good ole red golden? Nobody, that's who.

Sarah and Stewart said...

Congratulations to Huck on this outstanding achievement! :-)

Sarah @ Life As Always

Carrie said...

oh my gosh, he's so cute!!! aahhh, i really want a dog. LOL. but yes, there is a show like that. i think it's on disney channel, if i'm correct. Haha.

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Anonymous said...

Huck is definitely the original dog with a blog, and way more cuter!