America's Past Time, Kiddy Pools, and Grub

This weekend was busy, busy! Steven had his first softball game with the church league he's on Friday night. I hoped to take lots of photos of him running the bases in those cute baseball pants ;), but there was nobody to keep the books so I got suckered into doing that instead! 

They had a double header. Won one, lost one. It was a fun night.
Saturday was also super busy for me, Steven, and even Huck! Poor Huckleberry's coat had gotten a little out of control and I was beginning to fear for his life. Mice could have been living in that thing! And he looked so miserable and hot on sunny days I decided it was time for his very first haircut. I told them to trim him up a bit, you know, just the excess here and there, but they basically shaved the poor guy. He looks pathetic, but I'm sure he feels much better! And he seemed happy and even smiled for the camera afterwards!!
As a reward for his good behavior, we bought him a kiddy pool, which he pretty much uses as a giant water bowl.
Also, this weekend I seemed to have forgotten that I'm eating healthy and leaving for Cabo in 19 days!!  Sigh. Ya'll, I grubbed! It was no good. (Well actually, it was delicious. But you know what I mean.) We ate out 3 different times this weekend. Three! We're terrible...
Yummy french dip from Ristrettos.

To make up for my many indulgences this past weekend, I started my morning off right with a delicious protein packed smoothie, made a strawberry spinach salad for lunch, and then made a date with hot yoga before dinner! And as for dinner, we're having these spicy baked tex-mex meatballs! (They are so good and Paleo as well as Grain and Gluten free!)

Hope you had a great weekend, too! Now let's tackle this Monday, shall we?

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Anonymous said...

oh my god i need french dip now! my poor pup needs a haircut too! and i'm terrified of what they will do to her, i've never seen a german shepherd with a haircut. both my dogs treat our pool like a giant water dish but will use the jacuzzi to sit in when it gets too hot!

Sarah and Stewart said...

Oh my gosh, I bet Huck loved the pool so much! Cute.

Sarah @ Life As Always

Sarah said...

Floyd does the same thing with his pool! Like, 'hey, guys thanks for putting all of this water out here for me!'

lost in travels said...

i love that you got your dog a pool! that's so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Poor shaved Huckleberry! But he's still so super handsome and Holly said he can call her anytime :)
But despite being a Lab+hound, she's not a swimmy fan, so she'll sit out and sunbathe while he plays pool.

Why am I such a creep with this cross-country dog relationship I have going on in my mind?! Stop me now!

Rosie said...

Your photos are so gorgeous! I am loving the dog-paddling pool idea- my spaniel would go nuts for that! He is totally obsessed with water!