A Secret Garden

I didn't think we had any flowers in our garden, just weeds. I was planning on weeding the entire area, simply pulling everything up, not knowing someone had taking the time to plant seed before me. We get so busy we don't really look at the world around us --or examine with more interest the "weeds" in our own front yard. But, even without a helping hand, these flowers bloomed. Sad...I didn't think to look more closely until they were beautifully blossomed. But that's in our nature right? We only stoop to smell the beautiful, thriving flowers. Heaven forbid we ever stoop to give the struggling ones a helping hand. If something doesn't catch our eye, we are apt to consider it a weed, and ignore it or pull it from it's roots. 

Thankfully, some flowers, even those who have been cast off and ignored, still thrive. Just think of the beauty we'd be missing out on if they didn't exist. 

Funny how the Lord can use a few, simple flowers amongst a cluster of weeds to convict my heart. 
Thank you, Lord. I needed that reminder to love others today.


Tina @ Like Ordinary Life said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! I absolutely love watching my flowers bloom in our backyard garden. This year our hydrangea's didn't bloom too well and I've learned to appreciate the greens of their leaves instead of the gigantic blossoms!

I love your blog and was wondering if you wanted to swap buttons?

poptartyogini said...

Oh I just love this post. The flowers are beautiful and the message is inspiring. How can I see the beauty in the weeds?

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...