One Last Ode to Summer

Okay, not an ode per se, because who has time for that? But it's occurred to me (thanks to the help of my Facebook feed, Instragram account, and every blogger I follow) that it is now officially Fall. Time to break out the oversized sweaters, grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte and exclaim how much we just love. the. rain. (even though we all know that's not true).

But I'm not going to lie. Summer time is my jam. I live for those hot days -- wearing flip flops to any and every occasion, spending time outdoors, ruining my skin by never applying sunscreen so I can be georgously tan. Sigh. Yep.

I like summer. Summer is my season of choice. Don't hate on me. It's true I enjoy pumpkin scones and I really do appreciate the Fall foliage and the sound that leaves make when under foot. (I've even been known to go out of my way to step on a particularly crunchy looking leaf. True story.) But I really, truly, deeply do love summer best of all, and it makes me sad every year when it is so easily dismissed for the extremely orange season otherwise known as Fall.

I thought summer deserved a proper farewell this year. So farewell, Summer! (Okay, that was very anti-climatic.) It was a good one full of lake lounging, too much sun, and many, many walks with my little family.
 I look terrible. Jack looks adorable. Sharing was necessary.
It was a contest.. who is the most pale.
Jack won.
This guy ^ Can't forget him!

Cue LFO's "Summertime" lyrics in your head... 
"summertime girls are the kind I like. I stole your honey like I stole your bike" 
... or something like that.


Holly said...

Jack is too cute :) I love fall, but I can't believe it's here already! This year I wanted summer to last forever :)

Jamie McGillen said...

I love summer the best too. And I just had 2.5 years of it so imagine my grieving :( waaah. btw I'm in town for a couple weeks and we should totally hook up!