Life's little moments as captured on my iPhone
^^I live for these cuddles^^
Lessons on gentleness.
And sharing.
This amazing husband and father <3 <3
Almost crawling!
It's a grand event over here when Huckleberry eats a carrot stick ;)

As much as technology has gotten a bad rep these days (all the videos and articles telling us to put our phones down and live life), I have to admit I am so grateful to have such easy access to all these photos and memories (okay, okay, I confess... and Scrabble). Without my phone I doubt I'd have daily pictures of my little man and I know I wouldn't be able to capture those special, spur of the moment memories like the ones above (and I wouldn't know the meaning of words like "quag").

Technology is pretty cool. (And Scrabble is very addicting.)

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The Girl who Loved to Write said...

That cuddle picture is so sweet!

Eloquent Obi said...

beautiful moments! glad you captured them all.