The Day Work Thought it Kicked My Arse

TGIF because, well, worked kicked my arse today and I would probably drop dead of exhaustion if I had to do it all over again tomorrow. Work kicked my arse so hard that I got a little crazy. I felt frazzled, overwhelmed, and (dare I say) impatience with my little one. Yes, I admit it. I got impatient with the cutest baby boy on the planet. You didn't think that was possible, did you? Well, it is only possible on crazy work days like today.

But then all of a sudden the work day is over and my sweet baby is asleep in his crib (oh, NOW you sleep in there!!), and I get the chance to reflect a bit. It doesn't take me long to realize that today was actually not that bad. For instance, let's take the following into consideration and see who really did the arse kicking today (that was the last time I'll type arse, promise. [okay, now that was the last time])...

1| I was able to edit and proof 7+ proposals today while watching my child. 4 of which I did one handed since he refused to nap anywhere but in my arms. My son did not drop dead of neglect like I so often worry he will when I have to give my attention to work. Boom. That's 1 point for Danielle.

2| I remembered to eat a meal today and that meal contained spinach. Spinach, folks. That's a solid 2 points for me.

3| In hopes to entertain my son, I played with the cat. (Poor Herschel is truly the one who might drop dead of neglect one day.) I found a piece of yarn and ran all around the kitchen and living room with Herschel trailing behind trying to catch it much to Jack's delight. That's another point for me.

4| I worked out (see above). +1

5| FedEx came and dropped off one of Steven's Christmas presents I bought while visiting family in New York. I forgot I had bought that for him and arriving today was perfect timing because I realized I already have some Christmas shopping done... 4 months in advance. I believe that translates into 4 points for me.

6| And I even found the time to snap a few dozens photos of this little man. +10
I believe that makes 19 points for me. 
All work today has to boast of is getting me a little frazzled and taking my patience to the edge.  
But I survived another crazy work day and found time to care for my son and eat some spinach.
So there, work. Take that. 

I do believe I kicked your arse.


Melissa Smith said...

Look at all his beautiful hair! So jealous! I still have a baldie :)

Angie said...

You go Momma!!!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Spinach is AT LEAST a solid five points. Get it, girl.