Nostalgia & Saying Goodbye. Again.

Very few things in life conjure up those feelings of nostalgia quite like my Alma Mater. I loved everything about those four years spent in Lynchburg, VA -- the thrill of living on my own for the very first time, the friendships I made, and even my studies. So while visiting Virginia last week, I couldn't resist stoping by my old stomping grounds for a quick peak! 
And my-oh-my how it's changed!!! New dorms are popping up on every hillside. The science building has been torn down and a gorgeous, new library now sits in it's place, and there was even a Dunkin' Donuts! (bad idea for those who may be prone to gain the "freshman 15") And although I think it's great that the university  is growing and expanding with each passing year, I couldn't help but feel a few pangs of betrayal.

This beautiful place that holds so many of my nearest and dearest memories is not so familiar anymore. It's moved on and doesn't seem to remember me. It got me thinking that if I were to walk on campus at the start of this school year, I'd feel so out of place. Only two years removed, but so much has happened in that time. I've grown and changed. I truly am not the same girl that strolled those halls just a few years ago.

And you know what? That's okay. It's okay to move on..life never slows down for you and that's okay, too. We all must change and adapt in order to grow -- in order to survive, really.
I was excited to see one familiar face on campus though. Mrs. Towles was one of my favorite English teachers. I took her for English 101, Expository Writing and Composition, and Latino Lit! I may have squealed when I saw her face plastered on this sign just a bit...

But I digress...

And it's funny how some things change so quickly, and how others, regardless of time or distance, stay the same. After saying a nostalgic goodbye to my alma mater, I headed a few hours down the road to saw a quick hello to my best friend.
I am always struck my how easy things are between us. No matter how many weeks have passed since we last spoke or how many months since I've last given her a hug, things are just easy. Our conversation quickly falls into place and everything just becomes...comfortable. Comfortable like we are back in first grade giggling over the cutest boy in class or staying up late telling ghost stories.

Of course, we have both changed plenty since the first grade and our friendship had to evolve over the years to keep us close. But every time I'm with her I'm reminded that some bonds can't be broken. And for that, I am eternally grateful. Life would be too hard to live without your best friend.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, your words about going back to a changed campus hit home so hard with me! During my junior and senior year, my alma mater started many construction projects, but they weren't completed until AFTER I graduated, so the first time I went back and saw buildings where parking lots used to be, and dorms instead of a road I used to bike to class on every day, I was so shocked and felt out of place. Progress is great, but it takes a little while to adjust!

Also, you're gorgeous. Have I mentioned that a million times yet? :)

Pamela said...

Aww it's great to have a friendship like that!!

Jennie said...

I cant believe how fast change things on campus! I love going to see it, it reminds me of such good times and at the same time reminds me that its all over and i'm an adult know, which is sometimes sad =) haha!