Decisions! Decisions!

I am terrible at making decisions, especially when those decisions involve home decor. Steven and I have lived in our home for over a year now, and very few changes have been made to it since that first month! Walls? All unpainted. Furniture? Haven't bought any in months. Pinterest Projects? Pretty much non-exsistent. 

I know what I like but for some reason I always talk myself out of purchasing anything, so basically every room in our house is unfinished.
master bedroom: no paint color, no photos hung on the walls, and no furniture other than a small dresser and our bed.
Oh yeah, that big ugly thing on the wall is a gun rack. In our master bedroom! Go figure...

Anyways, there is something about being pregnant that makes you want to get 'er done. And for me, that means making some decisions around the home and getting this nest in order! Or, at least adding a touch of personality to our bland walls.

So, I am proud to announce today that I, Danielle, made a home decor decision. And, surprisingly, I feel quite good about it! I picked a headboard for our master bedroom.
That may seem insignificant to you, but to me this was a BIG deal! I made a decision! The photos don't do the headboard justice (or bedroom is dark and makes picture taking quiet a challenge), but it's a pool blue, velvet headboard and it makes me swoon. 
So while in decision making mode, Steven and I decided to go ahead and make another one. We are taking down the beautiful, Pinterest desk he made me and locating it. That way our office can become baby's new nursery, leaving us with a spare bedroom for guests.
Bye, bye pretty desk.

So where are we putting our new desk? It's actually going to go in our master bedroom as well. We have the oddest master bedroom with this weird nook that leads out into the backyard. The nook has a ceiling to floor built in bookcase and plenty of room for our Pinterest desk. 

Here's what our plan looks like.
I am so excited to finally get our master bedroom complete and then move on to even more exciting home projects (like the nursery)! But most of all, I'm just glad I made some darn decisions!!

Do you struggle with making decisions concerning the look of your home? Or do I suffer alone in this?


Housel said...

I think that space is perfect for a desk! Also, love that headboard.

Can't wait to see future nursery updates:)

Stephanie said...

SWOONING over your all wood ceiling! I would absolutely kill to have that in my master bedroom!! It's looking great! Don't worry about decorating every nook and cranny...you have the rest of your life to decorate! :)

Pamela said...

Loooooooooove your ceiling!! I want it!! The headboard is gorgeous!

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

The ceilings in your room are GORGEOUS!!! Love them. And I think the desk location is great. Built-in bookshelves... I am so jealous. :)

Ashley H said...

The ceiling in your master is to DIE FOR!! Holy cow.

Anonymous said...

i love your ceilings and new headboard!! you could always paint the gun rack white so it will blend in more... also you should take your favorite photo from your wedding and have it blown up and hang that in your bedroom. :) ps ikea has nightstands (they are the rast and i think $35) you can paint it to match your dresser.

Nicole Marie said...

i have that duvet cover!! and your ceilings! amazing!

From Foothills to Fog said...

I LOVE that headboard! I've been browsing for a new one too, but I never actually buy one. Always afraid to take the plunge. I am so indecisive, its bad. I can't wait to see how everything comes together, it's going to look great! I love the ceilings in your house, every time you post a pic I get a little jealous! It's so cozy and welcoming!