Easter 2015

This Easter was a pretty laid back affair. Jack Jack actually slept in (and it was glorious) so we missed the early service at church and just hung out in our pj's while he played with his first Easter basket full of goodies!
It was pretty nice to sip my morning coffee while Jack played with his new toys. Now if I could just afford to get him a new toy to entertain him every morning so I could finish a cup of joe before my mommy duties begin.. wouldn't that be glorious! HA! ;) But Steven and I definitely enjoyed a relaxing morning watching our little guy learn and play before we heading off to a later church service.
 I know, Mom! His hair's in his face.. And no, Jack has never gotten a haircut and he never will.
Personalized Easter Basket from Good Wishes Quilts
Later that day we went to Steven's parents for an Easter brunch and just hung out with some family. It really was a pretty simple day, but sometimes those are the best kind. I love my little family --scowl faces and all.

Hope you had a lovely Resurrection Day, too!

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