Life's little moments captured on my iphone.
Herschel aka Herschbutt
Highlight of the week?? When Steven brought me Starbucks while at work.
Yep, that's my office. Where I make my millions...
It has a plant.
Huckleberry's preferred sleeping position. 
Slightly inappropriate, but still cute. 

Work was busy this week! So this weekend cannot get here soon enough! Unfortunately my weekend plans consist of going to the DMV to change my last name to my now married name (I know, 5 months late on that one). It's hard not to procrastinate a DMV visit :)

Other than that, I plan on making a Home Depot run with my hubby and soaking up plenty of time in front of the Christmas tree. Riveting, huh? 

What are your weekend plans? Any fun Christmasy function in your future? 

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Cara said...

Your weekend sounds amazing. Evan's parents are having a huge Christmas party tomorrow. That means have to put my happy pants on. I kind of just wish I could put my fat pants on and drink wine and watch movies.

Anonymous said...

Oh Herschbutt, you are so stinkin' adorable!
And Huckleberry is pretty handsome, too :)

Gail@Sophisticated Steps said...

Sasha sleeps like that ALL the time. It's bizarre! And hilarious. And yes, slightly inappropriate. Must be a golden retriever thing. Another blogger I came across has a golden and she showed pics of her dog sleeping exactly the same way.

Have a great wknd, apart from the DMV. (Blech!)