Why Losing Power Stinks When You're An Adult

The beautiful winter wonder land I woke up to last week quickly turned into a cold, slippery, rather inconvenient mess. {I know, first world issues...we are so pathetic.}

I woke up Friday morning to no power. At first, this was exciting. Losing power when you're a child means no school, hot coco, boardgames by candlelight, building snow forts and sleigh riding!  I could not wait for the festivities to begin! The side of my little lake house that faces the water is basically a huge window, so I threw back the curtains to let in some natural light, slipped my fuzzy VS bathroom over my shoulders and wrapped it tightly around me, and went to work starting a fire. Once the fire was going nice and hot, I placed a pot of water on top to boil for some hot coco and thought to myself, "I would have been an AWESOME pioneer woman!"  

Before I settled down in front of the fire with a good book and my pup, I headed towards the fridge to grab a bite to eat. As soon as I swung the door open it hit me! {I'm referring to the stench not the door} I'm guessing power went out around 2 or 3am, but my food was already getting warm and the contents in the freezer had begun thawing! Did I mention I had just went grocery shopping and the refrigerator was jammed packed??

I quickly found the smelliest culprit of all {some leftover chicken. ew.} and tossed it in the trash, then began bagging up all the foods that needed to remain frozen/cold and rushing them outside into the snow banks. In my bathrobe. {This took at least four trips.} 

In my haste, I forgot to place the trash can back under the kitchen sink. Cold and winded, I went back inside, slammed the door behind me, turned around and saw Huck --head slightly tilted to the left, ears perked high in interest, and the smelly, rotting chicken clench tightly between his puppy teeth. 

"Huck, leave it!" Usually, when given this command, he'll drop whatever object he has and allow Steven or I to pick it up with no issues. Oh, but not this piece of chicken, not this enormous treat, nooo way. So, obviously, he bolted. I chased him around the coffee table, couch, and dinning room table about three times before I came to my senses. This is NOT going to work. {Moments like this I am glad I live alone. No one around to witness my stupidity.} I turned around to face Huck, squinted my eyes, set my jaw, raised my hand to administer the spanking and yelled, "Huck, stay!" He stayed.. I retrieved the chicken and just decided to take all the trash outside. 

This all took place before 9am...and my day quickly got worse.

Needless to say, I did not play any boardgames by candlelight, build a snow fort or attempt to go sledding. I did however, enjoy a cup of hot coco and then fall into a sleeping coma caused by the heat radiating from my wood stove. Upon waking I immediately went to my in-laws {who have a generator, thank God} to enjoy non-rotting food and some artificial light. 

I hope everyone else stayed safe and warm this weekend!

P.S. I think I finally got my blog button to work! I've been having issues with it for about 2 months! I swear, you have to be a rocket scientist to figure those things out! Anyways, let me know if it's working! {Can you see it? If so, can you grab it? When you click it does it go to my page?}


Meghan Goheen said...

I loved this post.
Sorry I laughed a lot at your expense.
Thanks for making me smile today

Michelle (michabella) said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I would have been so irritated with that, esp after just going grocery shopping! Luckily y'all had snow!

And yes, I can see your button, it works :)

Jenna said...

Hahaha awww Danielle!!! I also would have been super happy and giddy to have the power out before quickly realizing that sled riding and board games by candlelight were not apart of the day's agenda! Sorry about your food- how awful! Pretty sure I would have been gagging. Maybe crying.

And I just tried your button- works perfectly!

LindsayNicole said...

Love your writing my dear, hope the day looks up!

Rachel said...

How clever to put all your food in the snow! I dont think I would have thought of that. You could've been like Joey in Friends and ate everything instead =)

Liz Brown said...

Aw. Rough.

Ive lived in Nebraska all my life and we have occasional power outages due to blizzards ... and, always, its fun UNTIL it comes to food issues. Cooking and refrigerating and freezing are no fun without power. Everything else is OK :)

Daisy said...

This is funny but I'm sure not for you. Don't you just love dogs!

Christa @ the meandminebook said...

You're awesome.
Loved the post!

Kasey Lynne said...

Oh my lord...I would've been pissed.

I'm glad your puppy didn't eat it!!!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Hilarious as usual! I've had far too many days like that...pup related. Power outage, too, from hurricanes. Thank goodness for generators.

Yay for the blog button! So cute! Grabbing...now!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Not sure why, but the button wouldn't work for me in IE or Safari...I usually use Firefox, but it's a new PC and not installed yet. Have no fear! I saved the image, uploaded it and just linked it to you. So, works for me! ;) I'm just weird. I'm sure it's fine for everyone else.