Our Engagement.

I will always remember the day Steven proposed. Not because of how he looked when he got down on one knee {he didn’t get down on one knee}, not because of the romantic speech he gave right before he slipped the ring on my finger {I have no idea what he said, and he cannot remember either}, but rather, I’ll remember the day Steven proposed because of how utterly bratty I was! If there is an award for the brattiest person in the universe, please notify the officials to pass it my way. I am not proud of my behavior, but hey, it happens and it makes our engagement story rather unique…

While visiting my parents on the East Coast, Steven and I made a trip to Lynchburg, VA where we met in college. A lot of our friends are still in the area and it didn’t feel right traveling 3,000 miles and not seeing them. 

Lynchburg is about a 3 hour drive from my parents home. Since, by nature I am a planner and an extremely time-conscious individual, I calculated when we would be arriving in Lynchburg, got out the GPS to review the route and ensure my calculation was accurate, and let out a sigh of contentment as Steven and I pulled out of the driveway a few minutes ahead of schedule. 

After about an hour of driving, Steven makes the announcement that he wants to stop in Luray, VA to take a tour of the caverns. 

Me: Why do you want to go to the caverns? Let’s just go to Lynchburg.
Steven: We’re on vacation..let’s just go, it will be fun..
Me: No, it’s cold outside! I don’t want to walk in cold caverns. And I’m not dressed warm enough. {Whiny voice in full effect} Therefore, it will not be fun.
Steven: It’s not that cold. It’s a beautiful day! Come on it will be fun.
Me: NO. {pout comes out and scowl comes on}

Despite my whinny voice, pouting lower lip, and unattractive scowl, Steven takes the exit for the caverns. Of course, disobeying me means war. It’s time for me to bring out my most destructive weapon: the silent treatment. 

But my version of the silent treatment usually lasts about 2 minutes. I was impressed with the town of Luray. Cute and quaint –there is no denying it was charming. 

I did win the battle of the Luray Caverns though {seriously, it was really cold!} Steven gave up that plan, but while driving along, he spotted a small river that goes through the town. Along the rivers bend were wild flowers, lush grass, park benches, and even a couple tree swings. He parked and made me asked me to get out and walk along the river with him.  I later learned that while walking, Steven had his hand in his coat pocket on the ring, but ladies, get this, he was too nervous to ask and kept waiting for a better moment! Cute, right?

We walked back to the base of the river where there were a couple benches we could sit on. Steven tried to get me to sit down. In sulky fashion, I refused.

Steven: Is this how it’s going to be the rest of our lives??
Me: YES!

This is where it becomes a blur. Steven gave up on me and we silently walked back to the car. As we headed back I sensed him reaching to open the door for me so I rushed ahead, opened the door myself, slid into the passengers seat, and immediately reached for my phone and began to text my best friend about how annoying Steven can be. {Man, I wish I were kidding you right now. I’m embarrassed as I type this.} I hear Steven get in the car and say something to me, but for the life of me I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HE SAID! All I know is he is holding open a clever looking box with the most amazing ring I have ever seen inside of it, and I’m pretty sure he’s asking me to marry him. 

So, I giggled. 
And then I said yes.

If you are a perfect-moment-ruiner, please raise your hand!

I hope I'm not the only one with my hand up right now!

Come to find out, Steven had dinner reservations at a beautiful Bed & Breakfast called the Victorian Inn where I ate the best steak I’ve ever had in my life and basked in the glow of being newly engaged. 

We walked the festive Post-Christmas streets of that quiet town hand in hand, already discussing wedding ideas, bursting with the excitement of our impending future together, and Steven says, “I’m really glad that’s over. I was very nervous my darling.”

Haha! I was just relieved that regardless of my bratty temper tantrum he still proposed!

Lesson learned…hopefully.


The Sauls said...

AW I love it! My hubby proposed to me at the beach -- about 4 hours before schedule because I refused to stay at the beach for dinner (where he WANTED to propose) because it was my little brother's birthday party back home! The whole drive to the beach I did the pout/silent treatment until he agreed to leave in time to make it home for dinner.

Boy, did I feel just like you! A complete brat. :) Good thing we have good men that put up with us.

Taylor said...

your ring is seriously beautiful!

Rachel said...

Too cute. I was the same way when my husband proposed. We were on vacation in Monterey and he wanted to go for a walk on the beach. I was very whiney because it was cold and I had lost my hat. I said something like "Fine, I'll go but if I get cold we're leaving!" Then after walking up and down the beach for a while I was like, "Can we go?" and when he turned up onto a quieter section of the beach I was like, "Where are you going??" Ugh, so whiney. But he persevered and the rest is a blur!


Daisy said...

What a funny story! Glad he still proposed. lol

Meghan Goheen said...

Love the story. So freaking cute.
I don't remember what my husband said to me either. All I remember is saying "your kidding" over and over.
It was magical :)
Meghan http://inthekitchenandonthecouch.blogspot.com/

Britney @ twenty-somethingwife said...

hahaha I love it! It is similar to my engagment story I was super bratty that day too! Congrats!

Vivian said...

haha I laughed so hard. It's just so us women and our attitude when we don't get what we want. I truly loved you because I'm sure then he saw a glimpse of what it would be as married.I know my husband did...hahaha :)Thanks for sharing!

The Egg said...

gorgeous ring! such a cute story

xo the egg out west.

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

Hahahahaha...wow. Poor guy!

That's a great engagement story - I bet it's fun to tell. :)

Michelle (michabella) said...

AWwww :) Congrats. I have the same weapon. It only makes things worse... sigh.

Joey said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, and i am SO GRATEFUL that I am not the only person whose engagement story is unique because of their brattiness/ unwillingness to cooperate! I'll share the story sometime soon on my blog, but let's just say it ended up happening smack dab in the middle of a fight! :) (needless to say, he won that one ;))

Bethany said...

I want to cry right now but I am too busy laughing!! BEST story ever. ever ever ever everrrrr. EVER. EVER.

Callie @ YouDontEvenKnow said...

I love this story because A) it's funny and B) it's so cute!

It shows you guys are a REAL couple and while marraige isn't picture perfect all the time it always has a happy ending :)