Weeks that is.
Yesterday, Jack turned 38 weeks old, and I realized that he's now been out and about growing just as long as he was tucked in safe and sound growing. That realization kind of blew my mind. Jack has been here in my arms -- breathing, cuddling, and giggling -- just as many weeks now as he was in my belly! I must say, I much prefer him out than in! ;)

But seriously, guyssss! Look how much my little man has grown!
And now promise me, PROMISE ME, that it will stop, because I've had just about enough of this growing business. I'm looking for a way to freeze time and keep him this size forever. 
Although every age so far has been unique and so much fun, I'm really digging my 8 month old energetic, vocal, and insanely fast moving baby boy. He sure does make life and I just love him!

Love him.
Love, love, love him.
Have I mentioned I love him? 
He's the best.


Pamela said...

awwww! Love this! You look great too!!

Holly said...

I love this post :) You two both look fantastic! I always mean to take pictures at the milestones - like 20 weeks to compare with the 20 week ultrasound or 40 weeks in/40 weeks out but I never remember!